Crystal Mask
Crystal Mask
Release date Unknown edit
Members Yes
Level 90
Spellbook Ancient
Type Skilling
Experience 112
Runes 4Soul rune5Body rune6Fire rune7Earth rune
Crystal Mask
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Crystal Mask is a Seren spell. It gives +15% to pickpocketing chance[1] for five minutes, and gives a chance to not be stunned by NPCs who stun on catching a pickpocketing attempt.

Dwarf traders with Crystal Mask and Light Form is around 700,000-810,000 experience per hour. This requires Ardougne cloak 4, Trahaearn exoskeleton set, any of the Five-finger discount aura, and/or level boosting items, e.g. God banner or the Abyssal lurker/Magpie familiars and their scroll specials which increases the amount of experience per hour. Cheeky monkey is also an option to prevent stuns, once a minute.

When used in conjunction with light form, the spell completely eliminates failing when checking urns at pyramid plunder.

Players who own Black Ibis outfit (bonus automatically factored in the exoskeleton set), Legendary Five-finger discount aura, Refer A Friend bonus, and clan avatar will have rates approaching 1,000,000 experience per hour.


7Earth rune6Fire rune5Body rune4Soul rune5,698
Combo runes
6Fire rune5Body rune4Soul rune7Dust rune12,054
6Fire rune5Body rune4Soul rune7Mud rune12,068
5Body rune4Soul rune7Lava rune11,045
7Earth rune5Body rune4Soul rune6Smoke rune10,720
7Earth rune5Body rune4Soul rune6Steam rune11,002
6Fire rune5Body rune4Soul runeMud battlestaff5,586
6Fire rune5Body rune4Soul runeStaff of earth5,586
7Earth rune5Body rune4Soul runeStaff of fire5,242
7Earth rune5Body rune4Soul runeSteam battlestaff5,242
5Body rune4Soul runeElemental battlestaff5,130
5Body rune4Soul runeMystical staff (75)5,130
5Body rune4Soul runeLava battlestaff5,130


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