Crystal chest

The crystal chest

Crystal chest location

Crystal chest location

The crystal chest is the name of a treasure chest in Taverley that is famous for containing uncut dragonstones, among other things. The chest is locked and can only be opened by a crystal key. The crystal key is made up of a loop half of a key and the tooth half of a key; you can acquire the crystal key by using them with each other. The crystal key sells for more than most of the rewards, making it more monetarily satisfying to sell the key. When the key is used it disappears, so opening the chest is a gamble. Some times the chest will award more than one of these rewards, so you can end up with multiple amounts of the reward.

Attempting to open the chest without the crystal key yields the message: "This chest is securely locked shut."

Contents and value analysis

The chest loot always includes an uncut dragonstone and will normally include another random reward, but not always. Below are the values of the chest's contents, based on current Grand Exchange prices. Players have a 9 out of 16 chance to make a profit, or a 56.25% chance, however this can fluctuate due to the price of the crystal key (other times there may be a 70% chance of a loss). A ring of wealth now increases your chances of getting a better drop since it got updated. The frequencies below are based on a batch of 3,354 keys. It is only possible to obtain rune platelegs if you are a male character, and a rune plateskirt if you are female character. It is a common misconception that you can obtain a crystal shield or a crystal bow from the chest. The chest does not contain either of these items, as they are a quest reward.

Note: The loot system of the Crystal Key has changed as of the 11th of June. The displayed information below *may* be outdated.

Image Possible loot Profit/Loss Frequency (Approx.)
Uncut dragonstoneAir runeBody runeEarth runeFire runeMind runeWater runeChaos runeCosmic runeDeath runeNature runeLaw rune Uncut dragonstone, 200 of each elemental rune, 200 body and mind runes, 50 of all other runes, excluding blood, astral, armadyl, and soul runes Template:Coins 7.73%
Uncut dragonstoneCoal Uncut dragonstone and 150 coal (noted) Template:Coins 6.55%
Uncut dragonstoneUncut rubyUncut diamond Uncut dragonstone, 3 uncut rubies, and 3 uncut diamonds Template:Coins 4.23%
Uncut dragonstoneCoins 10000Tooth half of a key Uncut dragonstone, tooth half of a key, and 15000 coins Template:Coins 3.67%
Uncut dragonstoneRune bar Uncut dragonstone and 3 rune bars Template:Coins 3.51%
Uncut dragonstoneCoins 10000Loop half of a key Uncut dragonstone, loop half of a key, and 15000 coins Template:Coins 3.26%
Uncut dragonstoneIron ore Uncut dragonstone and 300 iron ore (noted) Template:Coins 2.75%
Uncut dragonstoneCrimson charmBlue charm Uncut dragonstone, 5 crimson charms and 5 blue charms Template:Coins ??
Uncut dragonstoneGrimy torstol Uncut dragonstone and 2xGrimy torstol Template:Coins ??
Uncut dragonstoneCalquat tree seed 1 Uncut dragonstone and Calquat tree seed Template:Coins ??
Uncut dragonstonePalm tree seed 1 Uncut dragonstone and palm tree seed Template:Coins ??
Uncut dragonstonePapaya tree seed 1 Uncut dragonstone and Papaya tree seed Template:Coins ??
Uncut dragonstoneFile:Herb seed 2.png Uncut dragonstone and 2 Lantadyme seeds Template:Coins ??
Uncut dragonstoneRune platelegs
Uncut dragonstoneRune plateskirt
Males: Uncut dragonstone and rune platelegs

Females: Uncut dragonstone and rune plateskirt




Based on the above table, the average profit from opening the chest is: Male player: Template:Coins. Female player: Template:Coins (prices can differ due to price differences between plateskirts and platelegs). It is not advised to try and make a profit buying keys and opening the chest because of the rare odds of some of the highest gains (such as double dragonstones).


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