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Not to be confused with Crystal acorn.

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A crystal seed used to be what was left over after a crystal weapon's charges were used up prior to the release of Prifddinas.

With the city's opening, crystal seeds were renamed and reclassified into six distinct types:

Crystal seeds were obtainable by buying from players, buying new crystal equipment at a minimum price of 750,000 coins (crystal shield) and 900,000 coins (crystal bow) and then using them until they decayed into a seed or by getting them from a Crystal geode obtained while chopping down a Crystal tree.

As of 29 September 2014, players can now re-attune old crystal seeds to obtain a crystal weapon seed.


  • When a crystal weapon lost its charge, the seed was left in the relative combat slot.
  • It's still possible to obtain a crystal seed by looting a Crystal impling. It is not known if this is a bug or not.
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