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A crystal tool seed is an item released with Prifddinas.

Prior to the release of Prifddinas, this item was known as a crystal seed. With the city's opening, crystal seeds were renamed and reclassified into four distinct types:

Obtaining a seed

Uncharged crystal tool seeds can be obtained by:

Creating tools

It can be used with harmonic dust at a singing bowl to make the following tools:

Item Dust Smithing level Smithing XP
Crystal chime (Prifddinas).png Chime 150 80 300
Crystal saw (Prifddinas).png Saw 150 80 300
Crystal chisel.png Chisel 150 80 300
Crystal hammer.png Hammer 150 80 300
Crystal knife.png Knife 150 80 300
Crystal tinderbox.png Tinderbox 150 80 300
Crystal fishing rod.png Fishing rod 150 80 300

Alternatively, you can pay Ilfeen, Eluned, Islwyn, or Rhodri Dail to convert a crystal tool seed without any harmonic dust or 80 Smithing.

Item Min Cost Max Cost
Crystal chime (Prifddinas).png Chime 1,500 7,500
Crystal saw (Prifddinas).png Saw 1,500 7,500
Crystal chisel.png Chisel 1,500 7,500
Crystal hammer.png Hammer 1,500 7,500
Crystal knife.png Knife 1,500 7,500
Crystal tinderbox.png Tinderbox 1,500 7,500
Crystal fishing rod.png Fishing rod 102,000 510,000

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Cadarn magus1221Rare
Cadarn ranger1221Rare
Iorwerth guard1221Rare
Iorwerth scout1221Rare
Ithell workerN/A1Rare
Motherlode MawN/A1Rare
Crystal implingN/A1Uncommon
Crystal impling jarN/A1Uncommon
Edimmu (elite)1251Uncommon
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