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A crystal tree blossom is an ingredient used to create a perfect plus potion. It can be harvested from the crystal tree in Prifddinas, which requires level 94 Farming to plant. One blossom can be harvested from the tree per day, yielding 15,000 Farming experience. Two blossoms will be received if the elite Tirannwn achievements have been completed and the Tirannwn quiver 4 is worn, but this will not double the amount of experience earned when harvesting.

They are also available as a potential reward from the crystal chest in the Iorwerth Clan district, and from the Motherlode Maw.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Crystal chestN/A1Common
Motherlode MawN/A1Uncommon


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  • Before the update on 15 December 2014 a crystal tree blossom would grow exactly 24 hours after the previous one was picked.
  • Previously, the blossoms could not be disassembled. This was changed on 26 June 2017.