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{{Hourly Rune Consumption table
==Unaffected resources==
==Unaffected resources==
* [[Ivy]]
* [[Ivy]]

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Release date Unknown edit
Members Yes
Level 88
Spellbook Ancient
Type Skilling
Experience 95
Runes 6Soul rune6Chaos rune6Fire rune6Water rune
Quest The Light Within

Crystallise is a Seren spell unlocked by The Light Within. It is a skilling spell that locks a skilling node to increase experience gain by 1.5x while stopping resource yield. This bonus does stack with bonus experience and experience-boosting equipment. It can be used with Mining, Woodcutting, and Fishing spots, or full Hunter box traps.

The crystallised resource will last 30 seconds from the time the spell is cast, not from when you engage with the resource). This means that the spell will wear off whether you engage with the resource in those 30 seconds or not. If another player is using the same resource node, it will deplete as normal, but the Crystallise spell's effect and timer will "pause" until the node refills. If a Fishing spot moves, the spell will move the player with it.

Once the spell has worn off you will collect one of the resource as you would if you had not cast the spell.

6Water rune6Fire rune6Chaos rune6Soul rune4,176
Combo runes
6Fire rune6Chaos rune6Soul rune6Mud rune9,216
6Water rune6Chaos rune6Soul rune6Lava rune8,478
6Water rune6Chaos rune6Soul rune6Smoke rune8,550
6Chaos rune6Soul rune6Steam rune8,304
6Fire rune6Chaos rune6Soul rune6Mist rune9,870
6Fire rune6Chaos rune6Soul runeStaff of water4,062
6Fire rune6Chaos rune6Soul runeMud battlestaff4,062
6Water rune6Chaos rune6Soul runeStaff of fire3,708
6Chaos rune6Soul runeSteam battlestaff3,594
6Chaos rune6Soul runeElemental battlestaff3,594
6Chaos rune6Soul runeMystical staff (75)3,594
6Water rune6Chaos rune6Soul runeLava battlestaff3,708
6Fire rune6Chaos rune6Soul runeAvernic wandTome of frost4,062

Unaffected resources

Popular Uses

Granite Mining Fly Fishing Grenwall Hunting

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