Cub hoardstalker chathead

A cub hoardstalker is a familiar used in Dungeoneering. It requires 5 Summoning to infuse a pouch and summon him. The pouch may be sold for 2,128 coins to the Smuggler. 10 Aptitude scrolls can be made with one Cub hoardstalker pouch. Aptitude scrolls may be sold for 213 coins each to the smuggler.

As a Hoardstalker, his primary function is to forage supplies for a player to use within Daemonheim such as herbs, ores and hides, though use of his special ability will also provide a boost to players' skills.

Cub hoardstalker pouch


Aptitude (tier 1) scroll


The aptitude scroll (tier 1) invisibly boosts all of your non-combat skills by 1.


The cub hoardstalker forages tier 1 items in his pack, such as Novite ore, Protomastyx hides, Tangle gum branches, Salve nettles, and Raw heim crabs.


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