A cup of tea is a drink made in a player-owned house by using a pot of tea on an empty white cup. This requires 20 Cooking and gives 52 experience. The tea gives a 2 level Construction boost when drank. The following shelves contain empty white cups:

Players can also ask their servant to serve tea, and if the best shelves in your kitchen are one of those, the servant will serve this type of tea.

A bucket of milk can be added to the tea to make a cup of tea (white, milky). This has no effect besides changing the colour of the tea and the message when drunk.

Tea from player-owned houses can not be put into a tea flask. If a player leaves the house in any way, then this item will disappear from their inventory.

Making a cup of tea

Making a cup of tea requires level 20 Cooking and gives the player 52 experience. The following furniture must be present in the kitchen: a stove, a larder, a shelf, and a sink.

  1. Remove a kettle, a teapot and one or more cups from the shelf.
  2. Remove one unit of tea leaves from the larder.
  3. Use the kettle on the sink to fill it with water.
  4. Use the full kettle of water on the range to bring it to a boil.
  5. Use the tea leaves on the teapot to turn it into a teapot with leaves.
  6. Remove the kettle from the range when the message "The kettle boils." is received.
  7. Use the hot kettle on the teapot with leaves to create four servings of tea. This is the only step that grants cooking experience.
  8. Use the pot of tea on a cup to pour a cup of tea.


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