Cure Me
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Release date 24 July 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 71
Spellbook Lunar,
Type Combat
Experience 69
Runes 2Cosmic2Astral
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
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Cure Me is a curing spell that removes poison from the caster. Unlike antipoison, this spell does not grant temporary immunity to poison. This means that players fighting poisonous monsters will most likely be poisoned again immediately after casting the spell. As such, Cure Me is useful in one-off occurrences such as the trip wire traps in Isafdar. As with all Lunar spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell.

This spell can also be useful in Pyramid Plunder to avoid using antipoison. Because runes stack and potions do not, using the Cure Me spell can mean staying for longer. However, this method not generally used due to the fact that there is a bank that can be used to recover life points between sessions.


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