Currency pouch interface

Storing various currencies.

The currency pouch is a wallet for many different types of currencies, notably including bonds and Treasure Hunter promotional tokens. It can be accessed anywhere from the backpack interface. Only current members can see currencies relating to members' content.

It was originally released on 28 July 2014 as the bond pouch, until 4 April 2016 when Treasure Hunter items were added. Finally on 26 September 2016, it was expanded from microtransaction items to its current format. Before this, many currencies (such as Tokkul) took up slots in the inventory or bank as proper items, while others (such as Dungeoneering tokens) would only be visible in certain interfaces.

To access the currency pouch in the Legacy Mode interface, Right-Click the gold icon below the Minimap, click Currency Pouch, then click the golden gear icon that shows at the bottom right of the inventory.


The following can be stored in the pouch:

Main items

Name Source
Bond Bond N/A
Rare item tokens Rare item tokens Treasure Hunter
Feral vampyre fangs Feral vampyre fangs Treasure Hunter
Flourishing seeds Flourishing seeds
Lush blossoms Lush blossoms
Fallen leaves Fallen leaves
Charred branches Charred branches
Solar flare Solar flare
Lunar spheres Lunar spheres
Lunite sigils Lunite sigils
Solite sigils Solite sigils
Tainted essence Tainted essence
Oddments Oddments
Burning embers Burning embers Various events (temporary)
Phantom doubloons Phantom doubloons
Fabric scraps Fabric scraps
Zamorakian emblems Zamorakian emblems
Charity tokens Charity tokens
Menaphite coins Menaphite coins
Beach sand Beach sand
Zodiac talismans Zodiac talismans
Tokens of might Tokens of might
Tokens of talent Tokens of talent


Name Source
Tokkul 25 Tokkul TzHaar City activities
Chimes 1000 Chimes The Arc
Taijitu Taijitu
Ecto-token 3 Ecto-token Ectofuntus
Teci Teci Liberation of Mazcab
Reaper points Reaper points Soul Reaper
Slayer points Slayer points Slayer
Co-op Slayer points Co-op Slayer points Co-op slayer
Runespan points Runespan points Runespan
Pilfer points Pilfer points Safecracking
Jadinko Favour Jadinko Favour Herblore Habitat (Jadinko Lair)
Dungeoneering token currency pouch icon Dungeoneering tokens Dungeoneering
Anagogic ort Anagogic orts Clan Citadel
Supplies (Uncharted Isles) Supplies Rosie (supplies)
Beans 5 Beans Player-owned farm

Distractions & Diversions

Name Source
Reward Currency Reward Currency Anima Islands
Penguin points Penguin points Penguin Hide and Seek
Fishing token Fishing tokens Fish Flingers
Hanky points Hanky points Thieves' Guild
Gemstone golem fragments Gemstone golem fragments Training Mining (70+)
Rune ethereal fragments Rune ethereal fragments Training Runecrafting (70+)
Shark fragments Shark fragments Training Fishing (70+)
Camouflage fragments Camouflage fragments Training Thieving (70+)
Memory strand Memory strand Memorial to Guthix
Divination fragments Divination fragments Training Divination (70+)
Treasure Trail points Treasure Trail points Completing Treasure Trails
Dungeoneering fragments Dungeoneering fragments Training Dungeoneering (70+)
Master farmer fragments Master farmer fragments Training Farming (70+)


Name Source
Thaler Thaler N/A
Pieces of eight 3 Pieces of eight Trouble Brewing
Agility Arena ticket Agility Arena ticket Brimhaven Agility Arena
Castle wars ticket (gold) Castle wars ticket (gold) Castle Wars
Castle wars ticket (silver) Castle wars ticket (silver)
Runecrafting guild token 5 Runecrafting guild token Great Orb Project
Fist of Guthix token Fist of guthix token Fist of Guthix
Brian points Brian points Flash Powder Factory
Produce points Produce points Livid Farm
Stealing Creation points Stealing Creation points Stealing Creation
Vinesweeper points Vinesweeper points Vinesweeper
Void Knight commendation points Void Knight commendation points Pest Control, Conquest
Zeal Zeal Soul Wars
Renown Renown Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
Reward points Reward points Heist
Deathmatch points Deathmatch points Deathmatch
Investment Credits Investment Credits Mobilising Armies
Reward Credits Reward Credits
Telekinetic Pizazz points Telekinetic Pizazz points Mage Training Arena
Alchemist Pizazz points Alchemist Pizazz points
Enchantment Pizazz points Enchantment Pizazz points
Graveyard Pizazz points Graveyard Pizazz points
Attacker points Attacker points Barbarian Assault
Defender points Defender points
Collector points Collector points
Healer points Healer points
Strength points Strength points Warriors' Guild
Defence points Defence points
Attack points Attack points
Combat points Combat points
Balance points Balance points
Bounty Hunter points Bounty Hunter points Bounty Hunter
Shattered anima Shattered anima Shattered Worlds
Slayer VIP ticket Slayer VIP tickets Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza Rush of Blood

Holiday events

Name Source
Clockwork pieces Clockwork pieces Going Like Clockwork


Name Source
Sliskelion piece Sliskelion piece God Scoreboard event
Fayre attraction tokens Fayre attraction tokens Spring Fayre event
Fayre prize tickets Fayre prize tickets Spring Fayre event
Bottle corks Bottle corks Dimension of the Damned


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