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Curry tree seed detail

Curry tree seeds may be grown into a curry tree which gives curry leaves. Curry tree seeds are obtained from bird's nests or by trading. Players must have level 42 Farming to plant this seed, and planting a Curry sapling into a fruit tree patch gives 40 Farming experience. It takes 5–6 minutes for the potted curry tree seed to mature into a sapling. Farmers require 5 baskets of bananas as payment to watch over a curry tree.

Curry tree seed
Farming level 42
Patch Fruit tree
Payment 5 baskets of bananas (5)
Time 960 minutes (16x60 minutes)
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting 40
Checking 2906.9
Harvesting 15
Crop Curry leaf
Yield[?] 6
Healthy curry tree
Stage Description Image
1 The curry sapling has only just been planted. Curry1
2 The curry trunk grows towards the north. Curry2
3 The curry tree trunk grows towards the north. Curry3
4 The curry tree grows upwards. Curry4
5 The curry tree grows towards the south. Curry5(tree)
6 The curry tree grows towards the south. Curry6
7 The curry tree is ready to be harvested. Curry7

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