Not to be confused with corrupted magic logs.
Cursed magic logs detail

Cursed magic logs are logs cut from the Cursed magic tree located in the Spirit Realm, reached through the portal in the western ruins involved in the Spirit of Summer quest. The cursed logs will become ordinary magic logs when taken back into the world of Gielinor. Chopping them requires level 82 Woodcutting and provides 275 experience.

While in the Spirit Realm they cannot be fletched or treated with sacred oil to become pyre logs. However, they can be burned in the Spirit Realm by players with Firemaking level 75 or above (the level-up table says 82), giving the same Firemaking experience as a normal magic log, and they produce a fire identical to one created with white firelighters.

The old appearance of curse magic log fires.

While they cannot be put on the Grand Exchange, they are tradeable, with a trade value the same as normal magic logs.

You cannot let your Beast of Burden hold any of your cursed logs. You must first leave the Spirit Realm, then your familiar will hold your logs (since they are now regular magic logs).

When taken out of the spirit realm a message appears that says "All your cursed magic logs turned into normal magic logs."


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