This is quest item from the Summer's End quest. For the normal logs used in Firemaking, see Willow logs.
Cursed willow logs detail

Cursed willow logs are logs obtained from cutting cursed willow roots used in the Summer's End quest. The cursed willow roots can be found within the caves north of the ruined farms in the Wilderness. To access the caves, players have to go into the Spirit Realm through the spiritual portal located within the farm, using Jennica's ring. At the end of the quest the cave is resealed, so will need to be re-opened (this mechanism also gives or removes access to the Corporeal Beast in the physical realm).

Cursed willow log fire

The fire produced by the logs.

Each log cut grants only 15 Woodcutting experience, and burning the logs grants the same experience as regular willow logs, 90 firemaking experience, and produces a white flame. Burning five of them in one of the pyres in the room where they are cut gives 60 Firemaking experience per log, for a total of 300 for 5 logs. The logs cannot be banked or carried by a Beast of Burden.

As the logs must be added to the pyre one at a time this is not a recommended method for either Woodcutting and Firemaking.


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  • Using these logs on a beacon gives the message "You must have 20 or more of the same type of log which you have the Firemaking level to burn." even if the player has 20 or more.
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