Customisations (Wardrobe) interface
Customisation Booth

Customisation booth

The Customisation mode is the method of changing one's garments, be it override or base default clothing. The customisation booth appears around the player when changing their facial appearance, choosing animations and changing titles.

Originally the customisation booth only appeared when players were using an NPC to change a part of their base clothing or hairstyle. Thus the booth only appeared in Thessalia's, Yrsa's, Reinald's and the Hairdresser's shops, which allowed players to select base clothes, base shoes, base handcuffs and hairstyles respectively.

With the opening of the Solomon's General Store on 17 July 2012, players gained access to cosmetic overrides. To allow players to change between these in-game, a menu was added to select them from. On 3 March 2017, the Wardrobe interface was changed to add additional filters and the increasing of keepsake slots from 50 to 100.

The customisation option is accessed through the masquerade ribbon button. Players can change the title that displays next to their name, or select which animations play when performing certain actions. They can also change or remove their cosmetic overrides through the Wardrobe, or choose a new hairstyle and colour under the appearance tab. Players also have access to pets that reside in the interface tab Pets.




The old Customisation icon.

  • Currently, certain teleport animations like the Goblin Mob Teleport and KGP Teleport would have the characters eclipse the player despite being behind them.
  • Currently, a glitch exists in which changing part of an override on the customisation screen with a two-handed weapon equipped, will result with the character holding the sword with only one hand.
  • Naming a preset either "Mod Roy" or "Mod Raven" changes the preset to a predefined outfit. This outfit is the favourite outfit of said moderator.
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