Customs Anti-Piracy Campaign
Eastern Sea Civil War
Port Sarim and East Ardougne
Customs and Excise Office Rabid Jack's Fleet
Rabid Jack and Mi-Gor
Some pirates were either imprisoned at Rock Island Prison or executed
Previous battle
Battle of Mos Le'Harmless
Next battle
Battle of the Archipelago

The Customs Anti-Piracy Campaign is a series of conflicts that the Customs and Excise Office launched against piracy as a whole. This campaign was launched in response to renewed and bloody assault by Rabid Jack's fleet upon the region from their base in the Cursed Archipelago. Areas where piracy had been accepted in exchange for payment, such as Port Sarim in southern Asgarnia and East Ardougne in central Kandarin, became strictly monitored by the Customs and Excise Office. Pirates captured are either imprisoned in the newly constructed Rock Island Prison off the coast of Karamja or executed.

This drastic measure hurt the resistance, which suffered under Customs' thumb even more than Jack's fleet. Even after the death of Rabid Jack, the officers continue their campaign against pirates, being known to imprison people just for claiming to be Pirates.

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