D&D token (daily) detail

D&D token (daily) can be obtained from the Treasure Hunter. This token can reset most daily D&D's. Each D&D event can be reset only once a day.

The token can reset the two daily sinkholes, but Talsar won't give additional teleports over the three daily. You can still ask him for the current sinkhole location and find your own way there. Alternatively players can use the Dungeoneering portal in Prifddinas.

7 tokens can be combined to get a D&D token (weekly).

Daily D&Ds

D&D Experience Other
Evil Tree Woodcutting Woodcutting, Firemaking Firemaking, Farming Farming Evil Tree#Rewards
Shooting Star Mining Mining Shooting Star#Rewards
Fish Flingers Fishing Fishing Fish Flingers#Rewards
The Pit Agility Agility The Pit#Rewards
Phoenix Lair Firemaking Firemaking, Fletching Fletching, Crafting Crafting, Slayer Slayer Phoenix Lair#Rewards
Sinkholes Combat Combat, Lamps Sinkholes#Rewards
Big Chinchompa Hunter Hunter Big Chinchompa#Rewards
Guthixian Cache Divination Divination Guthixian Cache#Rewards


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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Lost property (heavy)N/A5Always
Antique chestN/A1Uncommon
Medium parcelN/A1Uncommon
Motherlode MawN/A1Uncommon


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