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The Dagon'hai are an ancient Zamorakian organisation, situated in the Tunnel of Chaos. Their leader Surok Magis can be found in Varrock palace library; he plays a pivotal role in the What Lies Below quest.

If players talk to the second mage in the tunnel, the mage will test their magic ability by casting a spell on them. If a player deflects the spell, it proves that he/she is a strong mage. At level 80, they will succeed.

A history of their order can be found during and after the What Lies Below quest in Varrock palace library.

Known members


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Dagon'hai robes set


  • The Chaos Tunnels were mentioned long before their release in the What Lies Below quest, during which one of the Dagon'hai mentions that they have many more followers in other tunnels hidden beneath the Wilderness. This would suggest that the Zamorakian humans found in the tunnels are all members of the Dagon'hai organisation.
  • The name of the organisation may be named after Dagon, an ancient middle-eastern deity mentioned in account in the Bible. In the account, his statue was repeatedly knocked over by God to dismay Dagon's followers.
  • The Mage of Zamorak standing outside the entrance to the Ourania altar cave is wearing Dagon'hai robes. This would indicate that he is also a member of the Dagon'hai.

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