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Dahmaroc statue
Plinth 15.png
Release date 3 March 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Varrock Museum
  • An empty plinth for a statue.
  • A few bits.
  • A statue starting to take shape.
  • A partially completed statue.
  • An almost completed statue.
  • A completed statue of a cursed Second Age Mage.

The Dahmaroc statue is built on the Statue plinth located in the Varrock Museum and is built while participating in the Shattered Heart Distraction and Diversion.

Dahmaroc was a mage who lived during the Second Age. He was cursed in a battle fighting over the limited supply of runes in Gielinor at that time. The plinth upon which this statue is built was originally intended for a statue of Saradomin. However, the archaeological team later decides that the Dahmaroc statue is important enough to take the spot.

The statue is built out of strange rocks that the player finds while training various non-combat skills. Completing the statue requires a pair of these rocks from each skill. Talk to a researcher in the Varrock Museum, and he will give you a Statue list. It tells you all of the pairs you have and have not added. The order that the strange rock pairs are added does not matter. You will get experience for every pair of strange rocks you add from one skill. Once built, the statue appears to come to life briefly and then breaks apart shortly afterward. Adding pairs of strange rocks changes the description which appears when the statue is examined.

  • 0 pairs added: An empty plinth for a statue.
  • 1-2 pairs added: A few bits.
  • 3-8 pairs added: A statue starting to take shape.
  • 9-11 pairs added: A partially completed statue.
  • 12-14 pairs added: An almost completed statue.

The first time you complete the statue you are given a plinth for your Player Owned House's Study, and you are awarded 10 Kudos. After this, each time you complete the statue, you get a single duplicate rock, pairs of which are used to build a duplicate statue for the player owned house. If this duplicate statue is completed, a player can still continue to receive strange rocks while skilling. Completing the Dahmaroc statue in your player-owned house is one of the requirements needed to get a trimmed completionist cape. You will not receive any additional experience points when the statue is complete.

Experience awarded

Adding pairs of strange rocks gives experience in the related skill.

The formula is , where x is the skill level.

 template = Template:Dahmaroc calc
 form = shf
 result = shr
 param = 1|Skill's Level||int|1-120
 param = isvirtual|Virtual Level?|true|check
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