Dairy churn
Dairy churn
Release date 24 October 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Varies
Examine Turns milk into other dairy products.
Dairy churn map icon

A Dairy churn is a members-only object used in the Cooking skill to turn a bucket of milk (obtained from a dairy cow) into a pot of cream, a pat of butter, or a cheese wheel, granting 18, 40.5, and 64 cooking experience each, respectively. It can also be used to turn a pot of cream into a pat of butter, or a cheese wheel. If a pat of butter is used on the churn however, the only option available is to turn it into a cheese wheel. Urns cannot be filled by a dairy churn.

Production Rate

All dairy items take about 4 seconds (8 game ticks) each to churn, regardless of the starting or finished product.




  • Before the churning update, it was incredibly tedious and time consuming to create dairy products.
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