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Damage Bonus (Strength, Ranged or Magic Bonus) is the stat on a weapon or jewellery that will increase the player's max hit. The amount of damage added to the max hit per Damage Bonus depends on the wielding style of the player, if the player is using a single mainhand weapon, each point of Damage Bonus will add one damage to the player's max hit. If the player is dual wielding or using a two-handed weapon, each point of Damage Bonus adds 1.5 damage to the max hit. For example, if a player using a single mainhand weapon with a damage stat of 1,000 equips a pair of Bandos boots (that provide a strength bonus of 11) they will have 11 extra damage, while a player dual-wielding with a damage of 1,000 will see an increase of ~16 (this depends on other bonuses, as it is rounded down) on their damage stat, as opposed to 11.

Maximum bonuses

Strength Bonus

Slot Item Bonus Level requirements Additional requirements
Headwear Malevolent helm.png Malevolent helm +23 90 Defence
Pocket slot Illuminated Book of Balance.png Illuminated Book of Balance +7 60 Prayer One Piercing Note quest
Cape Completionist cape.png Completionist cape +43 See Completionist cape
Amulet Amulet of souls.png Amulet of souls +46 None
Torso Malevolent cuirass.png Malevolent cuirass +34 90 Defence
Legwear Malevolent greaves.png Malevolent greaves +29 90 Defence
Gloves Razorback gauntlets.png Razorback gauntlets +14 90 Defence
Boots Emberkeen boots.png Emberkeen boots +14 90 Prayer
Ring Ring of death.png Ring of death / Warrior ring (i).png Warrior ring (i) +25 None See Warrior ring (i)
Total 235