Damaged chitin detail

Damaged chitin is a 100% drop from all exiled kalphites except exiled kalphite workers. At level 60 Smithing, it can be used on an anvil to turn each piece into Chitin scraps, for 10 experience a piece. Each damaged chitin gives 21-40 chitin scraps depending on the player's Smithing level. Chitin scraps can then be used to repair drygore weaponry. 10,000 chitin scraps are required to repair a main-hand drygore weapon from 0% charge, and 5,000 are required to repair an off-hand. 

According to the Wealth evaluator, damaged chitin has a value of 1 coin each, despite being worth around 3,600 when processed into Chitin scraps with 98 Smithing

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Exiled Kalphite Queen3561Always
Exiled kalphite guardian981Always
Exiled kalphite marauder98; 1071Always
Exiled kalphite paragon841Always
Exiled kalphite soldier841Always
Kalphite King25001Always
Exiled kalphite worker751Uncommon

Smithing level and yield

The number of chitin scraps you receive from damaged chitin varies with your smithing level, using the following formula:

$ \text{Scraps} = \lfloor L \times 0.5 \rfloor - 9 $

Enter your Smithing level name=skillstat_Smithing_level|type=int|value=1|range=60,106|sublist=calcchitin name=scraps|type=output

let( sm, skillstat_Smithing_level ) let( make, floor(21 + ((sm - 60) / 2)) ) let( scraps, "At a Smithing level of " + sm + ", you will make " + make + " scraps per piece of damaged chitin." )

At 98 Smithing a maximum of 40 scraps (worth 3,600) are made, although this value can be increased further if the smithing level is boosted sufficiently. The formula appears to handle post-99 levels differently, as 101 is required to create 41 scraps.

It should be noted that players cannot smith damaged chitin with the Assist System, and since it is untradeable a player will need 60 smithing (boostable) to get any use from it.


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