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This is a disambiguation page for the four bosses from the Desert Treasure quest. They can also be fought together as a Class B boss in the Dominion Tower.

Head Name Combat
Combat style Weakness Diamond
Fareed head Fareed 120 3000 Melee, Magic Water Surge icon Water Smoke diamondSmoke
Damis head Damis 124, 124 3100, 3100 Only Melee Earth Surge icon Earth Shadow diamondShadow
Kamil head Kamil 126 3150 Melee, Magic Fire Surge icon Fire Ice diamondIce
Dessous head Dessous 120 3000 Melee, Magic
and Ranged
Air Surge icon Wind Blood diamondBlood

Strategy page: Dominion Tower/Strategies#Damis, Fareed, Kamil and Dessous

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The voices of the bosses
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