Dark squall chathead

Dark Squall is a mysterious Zamorakian magician and one of Lucien's most trusted associates. He was responsible for hiring the Shady strangers and Suspicious outsiders to spy on the area around Draynor Village, and is often seen accompanied by undead trolls. He has also hired a number of Elite Black Knights to protect him, and a base in the Black Knights' Catacombs, which has direct access to Lucien's camp by the Mahjarrat Ritual Site.

During While Guthix Sleeps, he reveals that he is actually the Dagon'hai mage Surok Magis in disguise, and is imprisoned within the White Knights' Castle.

Prior to While Guthix Sleeps, he may be occasionally seen in the Chaos Tunnels, where he teleports from portal to portal. He has been seen appearing in the room filled with Zamorak mages and warriors, green dragons and baby black dragons, shadow hounds, ice troll females and rangers next to the fire giant room in the Chaos Tunnels among other rooms. It is random where he appears in the tunnels and thus he is very hard to find. He appears roughly every 10 minutes, but does not stay on for more than 5 seconds.

Dark Squall may also appear in the Kal'gerion dungeon in the north-west corner, saying a variety of phrases, including "Hmm..." and "Eternal teleports" as well as others before before teleporting away. He appears about every 20 minutes and stays about 5 seconds.

Dark Squall Poster

Dark Squall as seen on a wanted poster.


  • It is possible that his name is inspired by the character Darth Maul from the movie Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
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