Dark Wizards' Tower map

The dark wizards' tower location

The Dark Wizards' Tower is located west of Falador, north-west of the Makeover Mage, and south of Taverley and the entrance to the Taverley Dungeon. It contains level 22, 32, 45, and 54 dark wizards (weak to bolts) and Zandar Horfyre. The tower was in a members-only area until 4 March 2013 where an update allowed F2P to access Burthorpe and Taverley, as well as train all member skills besides Construction to level 5.

Dark Wizards are aggressive to players twice their level and lower, so players under level 47 should come prepared with food or turn on Protect from Magic.

A free, one-way teleport to this tower exists on the second floor of the Wizards' Guild. The south portal on that floor goes to the Dark Wizards' Tower. A player must have level 66 Magic to enter the Wizards' Guild. Please note that once you enter the portal, it will not be able to send you back.

Another free, one-way teleport exists from the Dark Wizards' Tower to the Lumbridge Swamp. To invoke it, players must climb to the top floor of the tower and talk to Zandar Horfyre. He will ask you to leave. If you refuse, he will teleport you to the swamp, very close to the Nexus.

Dark Wizard's Tower

In Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains, the player must talk to Zandar Horfyre at the top of the tower to help cure the Fairy Queen.

Ascending the Dark Wizards' Tower wearing proselyte armour is one of the hard Falador Tasks.

In RuneScape Classic, many players came here to kill the dark wizards for runes, because Runecrafting did not exist at that time, and runes were in high demand.


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