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Dark beasts are level 182 monsters found on the path to the Temple of Light. They require level 90 Slayer to kill. They are the only creatures to drop the Dark Bow and the only one besides Dragon implings to drop the Death talisman. When killed as a slayer assignment they earn 225.4 slayer experience.

Dark beasts are accessible only after starting the quest Mourning's Ends Part II.


They are found in the tunnels between the Mourner headquarters in West Ardougne and the entrance to the Temple of Light.

Mourner gear is required to enter the Mourner headquarters basement to access the tunnel to the monsters. An alternative would be going to the Death altar and exiting through the Temple of Light east to the monsters. This method requires the crystal trinket in your inventory or you will be unable to reset the light beam for future use.


Auto-retaliate should always be set to ON, this reduces the chance of getting hit by their magic attack. Dark beasts are only topped in risk by Mithril dragons and Skeletal wyverns in the list of assignable monsters.

Protect from Melee

A weapon with a good slash bonus is recommended, as well as a high prayer bonus. If a cannon is used in conjunction with this it is recommended to use a Monk's robe in place of the Proselyte as the cannon will occasionally cause Dark beasts to use their half-blast magical attack and damage from said attack will quickly add up.

Recommended equipment

High Stab defence

Players with high Summoning may wish to take advantage of the Unicorn stallion for scroll effect, this method is riskier than the previously mentioned one but is slightly cheaper. Super defence potions are necessary to avoid taking hits too often and an Abyssal whip is recommended over a Godsword to maximise defence.

Recommended equipment


Wealthier players with more time may choose Ranged over Melee. Advantages include the ability to use a Cannon without being 'half-blasted' and less risk during connection losses as well as the convenience of easy places to Range from. Disadvantages include a greater Prayer drain and the cost of ammunition. A crossbow is recommended over a Crystal or Dark bow to utilise the shield slot for a prayer bonus.

Recommended equipment


100% drop:


  • 64, 95, 152, 220, or 3000





Grimy herbs (1-2)



  • Dark beasts had an unmentioned graphic update that came out with the Dark bow.
  • Most players find it more profitable to kill abyssal demons. Even though the dark bow drop rate is the same or better than the whip drop rate, whip sells for more and abyssal demons only require 85 slayer to kill, as opposed to 90 required to kill Dark beasts. Also, Abyssal Demons can be killed significantly faster than Dark Beasts because Abyssal Demons have fewer hitpoints, unless a cannon is used, in which case the kill rates are still only about the same.
  • Dark beasts were involved in the God Wars, as evidenced by the Revenant dark beasts that roam the Wilderness.
  • Oddly, Dark Beasts have a signifigantly higher combat level and hitpoints than their Revenant counterparts.

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