Dart tips are an item used to make darts. They can only be smithed after completing The Tourist Trap quest. One bar can be smithed into ten dart tips. While the quest requirement effectively prevents free-to-play players from smithing the dart tips, they may still obtain them from other players or the Grand Exchange. Each tip requires a feather to make it into a dart. The Smithing and level needed to make them, the Fletching level needed to make them into darts, and the experience earned are shown on the chart below:

ImageMetalSmithing LevelExperienceFletching levelExperience (per dart)
Bronze dart tipBronze412.511.8
Iron dart tipIron1925223.8
Steel dart tipSteel3437.5387.5
Mithril dart tipMithril54505211.2
Adamant dart tipAdamant7462.56715
Rune dart tipRune89758118.8
Dragon dart tip DragonThey are obtained from Dragon and Kingly implings. Like all dragon weapons and armour, they cannot be smithed. N/A9025
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