Dave's spellbook detail

Dave's spellbook is the spellbook of Evil Dave. It can be reclaimed from Evil Dave after completing Evil Dave's Big Day Out. It can be used on various teleport tablets to "chip" them and alter their destination.

The spellbook can store up to 1,000 each of Watchtower, Camelot, Falador, Ardougne, Lumbridge and Varrock chipped teleport tablets and be equipped in the pocket slot.

Once 'chipped' the tablets cannot be returned to their 'un-chipped' state.

Original teleport Destination 'Chipped' teleport Destination
Varrock teleport Varrock square / Grand exchange 'Chipped' Varrock teleport Varrock Museum
Lumbridge teleport Lumbridge Castle 'Chipped' Lumbridge teleport South of the Lumbridge Crater
Camelot teleport Camelot 'Chipped' Camelot teleport Catherby docks
Ardougne teleport Ardougne market 'Chipped' Ardougne teleport West Ardougne plaza
Falador teleport Falador town square 'Chipped' Falador teleport Southern Falador gate
Watchtower teleport Watchtower 'Chipped' Watchtower teleport Observatory near the Observatory assistant


The icon used appears to be the same as the Illuminated Ancient Book with minor visual changes - an item aligned with Zaros; this contradicts his Zamorakian allegiance.

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