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Dazzling three-leaf clover necklace was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
Dazzling three-leaf clover necklace detail

Dazzling three-leaf clover necklace is an item available from Treasure Hunter during the 2015 Christmas event.

This grants a 2% boost to all XP while worn and offers a chance of getting rare rewards.

Your dazzling three-leaf clover necklace shines briefly and you find <item>.

Combat Stats
RequirementsDazzling three-leaf clover necklace equipped
NoneNeck slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


Obtained new, the necklace comes with 10 charges, you can use multiple necklaces on each other to have only 1 necklace with all the charges. For every 10 minutes of skilling or combat, the necklace will use up one of its charges. Every time a charge is used, the player has a 10% chance of receiving a reward from the reward table. If the player doesn't win a reward, player will be rewarded with coins equal of a small cash bag.

If a player wins a reward, the reward will automatically show up in the player's inventory or in the player's bank in the case where the inventory is full. No messages appear in the player's chat box when this happens.

Once the necklace is depleted of all of its charges, the necklace becomes a purely cosmetic item. The 2% bonus XP is also lost when this happens. There is no way to recharge the necklace.

Reward table

If a player enters the reward table, they have the opportunity of receiving one of the items list below. The rarity is after the player manages to get into the reward table; e.g. even though an item may be common, it is still rare when considering there is only a 10% chance to even enter the reward table. It is also possible to win items that are no longer available on Treasure Hunter, such as the Lucky Divine Spirit Shield.

Main reward table

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Reward from the Rare reward table1CommonNot sold
Silverhawk feathers 5Silverhawk feathers40Unknown802,160
Magic notepaper 5Magic notepaper100Unknown137,900
Medium cash bagMedium cash bag1UnknownNot sold
Prismatic large fallen starPrismatic large fallen star1UnknownNot sold
Prismatic huge fallen starPrismatic huge fallen star1UnknownNot sold
Small prismatic lampSmall prismatic lamp1UnknownNot sold
Medium prismatic lampMedium prismatic lamp1UnknownNot sold
Medium protean packMedium protean pack2UnknownNot sold
Large protean packLarge protean pack2UncommonNot sold
Portable skilling packPortable skilling pack1UnknownNot sold
Coins 10000Coins10,000,000Rare10,000,000

Rare reward table

When a player enters the main reward table, they have a chance of landing on the rare reward table slot. Doing so will give them the chance of obtaining one of the items listed below. As with the main reward table, the rarity is for after the player was able to enter the rare reward table. Players will receive a large cash bag if they already own the item that they were to receive.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Serpentine rapier (70)Serpentine rapier1UnknownNot sold
Serpentine 2h crossbow (70)Serpentine 2h crossbow1UnknownNot sold
Serpentine wand (70)Serpentine wand1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Armadyl godswordLucky Armadyl godsword1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Bandos godswordLucky Bandos godsword1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Saradomin godswordLucky Saradomin godsword1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Zamorak godswordLucky Zamorak godsword1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Bandos helmetLucky Bandos helmet1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Bandos chestplateLucky Bandos chestplate1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Bandos tassetsLucky Bandos tassets1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Armadyl helmetLucky Armadyl helmet1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Armadyl chestplateLucky Armadyl chestplate1UnknownNot sold
Lucky Armadyl chainskirtLucky Armadyl chainskirt1UnknownNot sold
Lucky hood of subjugationLucky hood of subjugation1UnknownNot sold
Lucky garb of subjugationLucky garb of subjugation1UnknownNot sold
Lucky gown of subjugationLucky gown of subjugation1UnknownNot sold
Shark headShark head1UnknownNot sold
Shark bodyShark body1UnknownNot sold
Shark legsShark legs1UnknownNot sold
Shark glovesShark gloves1UnknownNot sold
Shark feetShark feet1UnknownNot sold
Burnt shark headBurnt shark head1UnknownNot sold
Burnt shark bodyBurnt shark body1UnknownNot sold
Burnt shark legsBurnt shark legs1UnknownNot sold
Burnt shark handsBurnt shark hands1UnknownNot sold
Burnt shark feetBurnt shark feet1UnknownNot sold
Tiger shark headTiger shark head1UnknownNot sold
Tiger shark bodyTiger shark body1UnknownNot sold
Tiger shark legsTiger shark legs1UnknownNot sold
Tiger shark handsTiger shark hands1UnknownNot sold
Tiger shark feetTiger shark feet1UnknownNot sold
Emerald golem headEmerald golem head1UnknownNot sold
Emerald golem torsoEmerald golem torso1UnknownNot sold
Emerald golem legsEmerald golem legs1UnknownNot sold
Emerald golem glovesEmerald golem gloves1UnknownNot sold
Emerald golem bootsEmerald golem boots1UnknownNot sold
Ruby golem headRuby golem head1UnknownNot sold
Ruby golem torsoRuby golem torso1UnknownNot sold
Ruby golem legsRuby golem legs1UnknownNot sold
Ruby golem glovesRuby golem gloves1UnknownNot sold
Ruby golem bootsRuby golem boots1UnknownNot sold
Sapphire golem headSapphire golem head1UnknownNot sold
Sapphire golem torsoSapphire golem torso1UnknownNot sold
Sapphire golem legsSapphire golem legs1UnknownNot sold
Sapphire golem glovesSapphire golem gloves1UnknownNot sold
Sapphire golem bootsSapphire golem boots1UnknownNot sold
Blood ethereal headBlood ethereal head1UnknownNot sold
Blood ethereal bodyBlood ethereal body1UnknownNot sold
Blood ethereal legsBlood ethereal legs1UnknownNot sold
Blood ethereal handsBlood ethereal hands1UnknownNot sold
Blood ethereal feetBlood ethereal feet1UnknownNot sold
Death ethereal headDeath ethereal head1UnknownNot sold
Death ethereal bodyDeath ethereal body1UnknownNot sold
Death ethereal legsDeath ethereal legs1UnknownNot sold
Death ethereal handsDeath ethereal hands1UnknownNot sold
Death ethereal feetDeath ethereal feet1UnknownNot sold
Law ethereal headLaw ethereal head1UnknownNot sold
Law ethereal bodyLaw ethereal body1UnknownNot sold
Law ethereal legsLaw ethereal legs1UnknownNot sold
Law ethereal handsLaw ethereal hands1UnknownNot sold
Law ethereal feetLaw ethereal feet1UnknownNot sold
Mask of GloomMask of Gloom1UnknownNot sold
Spring cleanerSpring cleaner1UnknownNot sold
Mask of MourningMask of Mourning1UnknownNot sold
Mask of StenchMask of Stench1UnknownNot sold
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