The de-lore-ing device parts list is an item used in Back to the Freezer. It lists the items needed to complete the de-lore-ing device.

The parts needed vary with the language of the RuneScape server being played on. All languages require the incomplete device and The Penguin Book of Gielinor. The following four items are required to make the flax cap-ice-i-tor:

Description Item
Something to cap it all off Hat (Back to the Freezer) Hat
Something to bind the pieces together Flax (Back to the Freezer) Flax
Something to keep the device cool Ice cubes Ice cubes
Something Thor-ific Hammer (Back to the Freezer) Hammer
Etwas Robustes mit Fassungvermögen
(something robust with capacity)
Tankard (Back to the Freezer) Tankard
Ein Teil, sie zu flechten, sie alle zu binden
(a part to braid them, to bind them all)
Flax (Back to the Freezer) Flax
Etwas, das Leben in sich trägt
(something that carries life in itself)
Seed (Back to the Freezer) Seed
Etwas Hammerstarkes
(a strong hammer)
Hammer (Back to the Freezer) Hammer
Un objet pour écoper
(an object to scoop)
Bucket (Back to the Freezer) Bucket
Un objet pour éviter l'énergie excé-dentaire
(an object to avoid excess dental energy)
Tooth Tooth
Un objet pour éviter la surchauffe
(an object to avoid overheating)
Ice cubes Ice cubes
Un objet pour mettre tous les éléments d'accord
(an object to put all the elements in agreement)
Contract (Back to the Freezer) Contract
Brazilian Portuguese
Indispensável para todos os super-heróis
(indispensable for all superheroes)
Cape (Back to the Freezer) Cape
Algo para tocar a última nota
(something to play the last note)
Cithara (Back to the Freezer) Cithara
Você tomou e a dor sumiu
(you took and the pain disappeared)
Ogleroot (Back to the Freezer) Ogleroot
Algo que enfeita e energiza
(something that embellishes and energises)
Arcane stream necklace (Back to the Freezer) Arcane stream necklace

If the items are held and you change to a different world, the items will transform into the relevant items for that world.


Its name is a pun on the DeLorean, a car most famous for its role in the Back to the Future movies (of which Back to the Freezer is a pun of).

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