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A set-up Deadfall trap in the Woodlands.

Deadfall trapping is a Hunter technique requiring 23 Hunter. Some kebbits need to be trapped using a deadfall trap. You will need a knife and any log (lower level logs will be used first) in your inventory, and you will need to set up a trap in the appropriate, specified locations (click around the boulders, or rockodiles south of Sophanem). You can only set one deadfall trap at a time.

Level Image Creature Location Exp Bait Drops (plus bones) Drop use
23 Wild kebbit.png Wild Kebbit W Woodland 128 Raw meat Kebbit claws Spiky vambraces
33 Barbtailed kebbit.png Barb-tailed Kebbit Jungle 168 Raw rainbow fish Barb-tail harpoon Equipable harpoon
37 Prickly kebbit.png Prickly Kebbit NW Woodland 204 Barley Kebbit spike Hunters' crossbow bolts
44 Diseased kebbit.png Diseased kebbit Oo'glog 200 Fever grass Diseased kebbit fur Davy kebbit hat
51 Sabretooth kebbit.png Sabre-toothed Kebbit SW Snow 200 Raw meat Kebbit teeth Hunting potion
51 Penguin (item).png Penguin Snow 210 Raw cod Nothing Turn in to PBJ agent, in order to get extra Hunter experience
73 Plover bird.png Plover bird Sophanem 509.5 Nothing Plover bird Used for Crocodile Tears quest.

Baiting a deadfall trap does increase the chances of catching prey slightly. The bait is not returned to the inventory after catching an animal. It is, however, returned upon the trap failing before any animal trips it. Other ways to increase success rate are wearing the appropriate hunting attire and smoking the deadfall trap with a torch (requires a Hunter level of 39). It is also recommended to take a beaver familiar or a Beast of Burden to reduce the number of trips you have to take, as a beaver will produce logs or planks at random.