Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Ranged
Level 2
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 30 seconds
Boom! Fire a deadly shot at your target with deals 188% weapon damage instantly, and a further 313% weapon damage over 6 seconds.
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Deadshot is an ultimate Ranged ability, and the only ultimate Ranged ability available usable by free-to-play players. When activated, the player fires a shot that deals 37.6-188% weapon damage and then a further 313% weapon damage over 6 seconds.

The 313% weapon damage is spread equally over 5 hits in 6 seconds, with the first hit of the 5 occurring just right before the 188% weapon damage hit.

Like most other damage-over-time abilities, the damage of this ability is not increased by:

  • damage-boosting prayers/curses,
  • additional damage applied by having boosted levels (ex. from potions - note that this is a separate damage increase to the raw increase from having a higher level),
  • damage increasing abilities like Death's Swiftness,
  • all variants of Void Knight equipment,
  • the black mask and all slayer helm variants.

There is a brief delay before Deadshot may actually inflict the damage. Players can check if Deadshot is successful during this delay by looking for the Deadshot icon in the combat interface.

Massacre is the Melee equivalent of Deadshot; however Massacre has a 60 second cooldown as opposed to Deadshot's 30 second cooldown.


  • During early release, the Deadshot ability would make a blue skull appear above the user's head. This animation no longer happens.
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