Level 1-79Level 80-99
Dean black mask chathead
Dean Vellio (level 80) chathead

Dean Vellio is one of the people who requires escorting in Temple Trekking. Dean resembles players in many aspects, mainly through his choice in armour and his seeming access to the slayer skill. Dean is one of, if not, the strongest follower in Temple Trekking. He is an Easy tier follower and has a higher defence and strength than the other followers.

Dean's basic equipment is a black mask, fighter torso, rambler's backpack, rune gloves, dragon longsword, steel defender, rune platelegs and rune boots.


Training Dean

Of all the followers, Dean is most likely the easiest to train as he survives easily and can deal out a lot of damage, especially at higher levels.


  • Dean replaced Fyiona Fray and Dalcian Fang.
  • Despite only gaining a +1 attack speed at level 75, Dean already attacks 1 tick faster with the dragon longsword at 4 ticks (speed of scimitars) at level 1, and instead fails to gain the additional attack speed on top of this when he does achieve level 75. It is unknown whether this is intentional or a glitch.
  • After the March 2012 graphical update the Bandos chestplate's graphics were updated, but Dean's armour wasn't changed accordingly until the June 2012 Crucible Update.
  • Dean (1-79) wears non-updated armour from before the March 2012 graphical update, this was patched on 05 October 2015.
  • Sometimes Dean (level 80-99) holds both his Dragon Defender and his Abyssal Whip in his right hand.
  • Although he wields a weapon and a defender, he only attacks with his main-hand weapon.
  • Dean (level 80-99) has the armour graphical update during Temple Trekking, but not outside of it, whereas Pazuzu has the exact opposite situation.
  • Dean will occasionally say "Nom nom nom" when eating a piece of food.
  • Dean wears a red slayer helm when you first recruit him for a trek, however during the trek it changes to blue. This may be a glitch.
  • Dean occasionally uses combat abilities,¬†specifically Fury.
  • Before a patch on 05 October 2015, his chathead showed the old Slayer helm.