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Death rune detail.png

Death runes are used in great amounts by mages that cast Ancient Magicks, as they are needed to cast the different varieties of the rush and burst combat spells. Death runes are also needed to cast the level 85 spell Teleport Block, the only free-to-play spell which requires death runes. Members can create death runes using the Runecrafting skill at level 65 at the Death altar in the Temple of Light after completing the quest Mourning's End Part II.

Crafting them gives 10 experience per essence (or 0.2 experience per essence in Daemonheim). These are the most powerful rune stocked in any store in free-to-play.

Price / Experience comparison
Grand Exchange price GP / Exp
(per essence)
Nature rune 405 45
Law rune 570 60
Death rune 232 23.2
Blood rune 678 64.6
Soul rune 1,345 Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character ",".

Adult cats can be exchanged for 100 death runes with a Civilian in West Ardougne or 200 death runes while possessing the Ardougne cloak 1 or better (Works even if it is still in the bank).

250 Death runes (along with 750 Air runes) can also be obtained from any Slayer Master for 35 Slayer points after completing the Smoking Kills quest.

Crafting multiple death runes

For more information about Runecrafting multiples, see crafting multiple runes.
Multiplier Runecrafting level GE Price
1x 65 232


Death rune spawn location.png

For members there is a death rune spawn in the Feldip Hills. It respawns 1 minute and 45 seconds after picking it up.


Free-to-play spells

The only use for death runes in free-to-play worlds is casting the Teleport Block spell. Despite no free-to-play spells requiring Death Runes in Daemonheim, they can still craft them.

Pay-to-play spells

These spells can only be cast by members:

* Part of the Ancient Magicks spellbook and can only be cast by players who have completed the Desert Treasure quest and have switched their spellbook to Ancient Magicks.

** Part of the Lunar spellbook and can only be cast by players who have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest and have switched their spellbook to Lunar Spells.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?


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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Bladed muspah15020Common
Brine rat497Common
Chewed bonesN/A8–15Common
Crystal chestN/A50Common
Dagannoth Prime30384–92Common
Feral vampyre612Common
Giant Mole (historical)767Common
Ice strykewyrm10620Common
Ice troll84; 8915Common
Infernal Mage727Common
Infernal Mage (elite)827–60Common
Ivory Gromblod (cursed)824Common
Ivory Shredflesh (cursed)824Common
Kal'gerion demon12675Common
Kalphite Queen333100–150Common
King Black Dragon27650Common
Nechryael (elite)1065–100Common
Shadow nihil16030Common
Throwing muspah15020Common
Tormented demon11920–52Common
Undead troll77; 81; 86; 955–10Common
Vampyre61; 892Common
Vampyre Juvinate58; 61; 63; 8410Common
Vyre corpseN/A8–15Common
Vyrewatch49; 70; 72; 75; 78; 86; 91; 971–25Common
Wallasalki79; 84; 911–10Common
WildyWyrm (historical)38250Common
Zamorak crafter263Common
Bandit (Wilderness)182Rare
Bandit Brawler112; 1182Rare
Basilisk70; 7710Rare
Black key blackN/AunknownRare
Black key brownN/AunknownRare
Black key crimsonN/AunknownRare
Black key purpleN/AunknownRare
Black key redN/AunknownRare
Chaos Elemental305100–226Rare
Chaos dwarf28; 45; 47; 84; 101; 1083–6Rare


  • The most death runes required for a spell are 2, for the Smoke, Shadow, Blood and Ice Burst spells.
  • The picture on a Death Rune shows a skull & X, which is most likely meant to imitate the jolly roger or more commonly known as the skull & crossbones.
  • Death was rolling a Death Rune with his fingers in 2009 Hallowe'en event. This may be a reference to Pirates of the Caribbean, when Jack did this with one of the cursed Aztec gold coins while in skeletal form.
  • Prior to the Evolution of Combat update, death runes were used in Blast spells, Surge spells, Blitz spells and Barrage spells. The removal of their usage in these spells caused a dramatic fall in their Grand Exchange price.
  • Although Death runes have no use in Dungeoneering for free players following the Evolution of Combat, they can still be runecrafted and can even be found in the starting room.
  • In the German version of RuneScape, they're called "afterlife runes".