Decorated fishing urn (r) detail

The decorated fishing urn (r) is created by using a water rune on a Decorated fishing urn (nr). 76 Crafting is required to add the water rune to the urn, granting one fishing XP. The assist system can be used. It can be used to collect guppies while catching fish that require level 96 Fishing or lower. This means that any fish with a required level of 96 or less to fish will add to your urn. Once it starts to get filled, it becomes a Decorated fishing urn. When you teleport this urn, you will receive 1900 experience in Fishing. It takes approximately 9600 experience to fill the urn. It takes approximately 96 experience to fill the urn 1%. You may have ten filled urns at any given time, after that you must teleport them away in order to fill more urns.


Decorated fishing urn (r) Decorated fishing urn (r)
CraftingFishingMake-X GE icon
0 XP1 XP-
Crafting Crafting level76
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Decorated fishing urn (nr)Decorated fishing urn (nr)14,1584,158
Water runeWater rune12525
Total price4,183

Number of fish required to fill

FishLevelExperience% filling# to fill
Raw shrimpsRaw shrimps1100.1950
Raw crayfishRaw crayfish1100.1950
Raw minnowRaw minnow1100.1950
Raw karambwanjiRaw karambwanji5501900
Raw sardineRaw sardine5200.2475
Raw herringRaw herring10300.3317
Raw anchoviesRaw anchovies15400.4238
Raw mackerelRaw mackerel16200.2475
Raw troutRaw trout20500.5190
Raw codRaw cod23450.4212
Raw pikeRaw pike25600.6159
Slimy eelSlimy eel28650.6147
Raw salmonRaw salmon30700.7136
Frog spawnFrog spawn33750.7127
Raw tunaRaw tuna35800.8119
Raw rainbow fishRaw rainbow fish38800.8119
Raw cave eelRaw cave eel38800.8119
Raw lobsterRaw lobster40900.9106
Raw bassRaw bass46100195
Leaping troutLeaping trout48500.5190
Raw swordfishRaw swordfish50100195
Raw desert soleRaw desert sole52600.6159
Raw lava eelRaw lava eel53300.3317
Leaping salmonLeaping salmon58700.7136
Raw catfishRaw catfish60850.8112
Raw monkfishRaw monkfish621201.280
Raw karambwanRaw karambwan651051.191
Magnetic minnow 1Magnetic minnow681401.468
Raw green blubber jellyfishRaw green blubber jellyfish681651.758
Leaping sturgeonLeaping sturgeon70800.8119
Raw beltfishRaw beltfish72920.9104
Raw sharkRaw shark761101.187
Raw sea turtleRaw sea turtle79380.4250
Raw manta rayRaw manta ray81460.4207
Raw cavefishRaw cavefish853003.132
Raw rocktailRaw rocktail90380425
Raw tarponRaw tarpon90900.9106
Raw blue blubber jellyfishRaw blue blubber jellyfish913904.125
Raw seerfishRaw seerfish92600.6159
Raw sillagoRaw sillago923653.827
Small crystal urchinSmall crystal urchin933103.231
Medium crystal urchinMedium crystal urchin953303.429
Raw tiger sharkRaw tiger shark95800.8119
Raw wobbegongRaw wobbegong96682.57.114
Large crystal urchinLarge crystal urchin973503.628
Raw sailfishRaw sailfish974204.423


Item Skill Materials
Fishing accumulator Fishing accumulator60 Invention


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You must have 76 crafting to be able to teleport the urn. You can use the assist system once again and will still receive the experience for the urn.

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