Decorated mining urn detail

A decorated mining urn is an urn used with the Mining skill to help gain experience.  It can be created at 59 Crafting (granting 95 experience) on a potter's wheel, requiring 2 soft clay to make. It must then be fired in a pottery oven creating a decorated mining urn (nr). The urn must then be activated with an earth rune to become a decorated mining urn (r) before it can be used. Players that do not have the required Crafting level to place the rune in the urn may use the assist system. The urn will become full when the player has earned 3,125 Mining experience with the urn in their inventory.

Once the decorated mining urn is full, it becomes a decorated mining urn (full) and can be teleported to Ernie for 625 Mining experience. Only 10 urns can be full at a time. Once 10 urns are filled, they must be teleported before new urns can be filled.

Extra gems found while mining will not fill the urn, however mining gem rocks will. Mining sandstone and granite also fills up the urn. The juju mining potion's effects don't interrupt the urn's performance - the ore mined and immediately smelted by a stone spirit counts towards filling the urn.

Using a sacred clay pickaxe will not fill up the urn faster. A penance horn will not give double experience when teleporting urns. Mining a shooting star or at the Lava Flow Mine will not fill the urn. If mining multiple ores at once, using either Varrock armour or the reward effect of a shooting star, the urn only fills with experience from the first ore. They are not filled when mining divine tear rocks at the Battle of Lumbridge. However, they are filled when mining in The Empty Throne Room

When a lower levelled mining urn is present in a player's inventory they will take priority over the decorated urn, meaning that any ores requiring lower than level 70 will fill a strong mining urn rather than the decorated. This lower tier priority also applies to cracked, fragile, and plain mining urns.

There are two challenges associated with the urns: creating 70 urns, which counts as a Crafting challenge, and filling 14 urns, which counts as a Mining challenge.

OreLevelExperience% filling# to fill
Copper oreCopper ore117.50.5179
Tin oreTin ore117.50.5179
Rune essenceRune essence150.1625
Blurite oreBlurite ore1017.50.5179
Iron oreIron ore15351.190
Silver oreSilver ore20401.279
Pure essencePure essence3050.1625
Sandstone (1kg)Sandstone (1kg)35300.9105
Sandstone (2kg)Sandstone (2kg)35401.279
Sandstone (5kg)Sandstone (5kg)35501.663
Sandstone (10kg)Sandstone (10kg)35601.953
Gold oreGold ore4065249
Uncut diamondGem rock4065249
Granite (500g)Granite (500g)45501.663
Granite (2kg)Granite (2kg)45601.953
Granite (5kg)Granite (5kg)45752.442
Mithril oreMithril ore55802.540
Adamantite oreAdamantite ore7095333
Living mineralsLiving minerals73250.8125
Bane oreBane ore77902.835
CoalConcentrated coal77501.663
Gold oreConcentrated gold8065249
Red sandstoneRed sandstone81702.245
Runite oreRunite ore85125425
Corrupted oreSeren stone89296.79.411
Sea saltSalty crabletine90455.514.57
Sea saltSalty crablet91507.516.27
Alaea sea saltAlaea crablet97692.522.15
Golden idolIdol crablet9852501681


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