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decorated woodcutting urn can be created at 76 Crafting by adding an earth rune to a decorated woodcutting urn (nr). When chopping a tree with a decorated woodcutting urn (r) in your inventory, it accumulates experience and becomes a decorated woodcutting urn. The urn becomes full when the player has earned 9,500 Woodcutting experience. Once the decorated woodcutting urn is full, it becomes a decorated woodcutting urn (full) and yields 1,900 Woodcutting experience when teleported to Ernie. If teleported with an Urn Enhancer, it will grant 2,375 experience instead.

Chopping evil trees, splitting arctic pine logs or straight/curly/mutated vines does not fill the urn. Nor does the use of the dwarven chainaxe in 'double resources' mode, since no base rate xp is being gained.

Lumberjack clothing does not fill the urn faster; neither does woodcutting bonus experience.

With the auto-banking effect from the evil tree distraction and diversion, one can fill the urn without the need to bank. This makes filling the urn very fast and efficient, maximising experience gain. Similar to this is the ability of the wood spirit to carry logs to your bank. The spirit will randomly appear when using a juju woodcutting potion.

Loading the urn
Logs XP per
per log
# of logs
to fill
Logs 25 0.26% 380
Oak logs 37.5 0.39% 254
Willow logs 67.5 0.71% 141
Teak logs 85 0.89% 112
Maple logs 100 1.05% 95
Acadia logs 92 0.97% 104
Mahogany logs 125 1.32% 76
Arctic pine logs 140.2 1.48% 68
Eucalyptus logs 165 1.74% 58
Ivy 332.5 3.5% 29
Yew logs 175 1.84% 55
Magic logs 250 2.63% 38
Elder logs 325 3.42% 30
Bamboo 202 2.13% 48
Crystal tree 434.5 4.57% 22
Golden bamboo 655.5 6.9% 15


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  • When it is half full, the 'Check level' text is "This decorated woodcutting urn is half full, or is it half empty?", a reference to the optimist's and pessimist's views of a half glass of water.
  • Prior to the addition of the decorated woodcutting urn on 31 October 2016, Woodcutting and Smithing were the only skills that had strong urns, but didn't have decorated urns.