Decorative armour is obtainable from Castle Wars with silver and gold Castle wars tickets. There are four types available: Basic decorative equipment, Detailed decorative equipment, Intricate decorative equipment, and Profound decorative equipment. They are all different colours and offer different stats, with Basic armour being the lowest-levelled and Profound the highest.

Previously, there were only three sets of armour available. On 27 May 2010, they were upgraded to their current appearance and a fourth set, Profound, was added. Each complete set includes a helm, platebody, platelegs, shield, and sword.

Assuming you win Castle Wars 50% of the time, including the 5 minutes of waiting per round in the waiting room, it would take roughly 72 days of non-stop playing to achieve a full Profound set.

Name Basic Detailed Intricate Profound
Colour Copper Steel Bright silver Gold
Image Basic decorative armour (female) equipped.png Detailed decorative armour (male) equipped.png Intricate decorative armour (male) equipped.png Profound decorative armour (female) equipped.png
Steel Mithril Adamant Rune

Only one colour set can be saved in the Armour case of the Costume room of a Player-owned house.


All costs are in Castle Wars tickets.

Part Basic Detailed


Helmet 4 40 400 650
Platebody 8 80 800 1100
Platelegs 6 60 600 800
Sword 5 50 500 800
Shield 6 60 600 800
Total 29 290 2900 4150


Wearing the full armour gives various boosts while wearing the platebody, platelegs, and the shield during a game. The boosts are as follows:

  • Basic: gives +10% damage against players in the arena.
  • Detailed: gives +15% damage against players in the arena and +10% damage to ballistas and barricades.
  • Intricate: gives +20% damage against players in the arena, +10% damage to ballistas and immunity to catapult damage.
  • Profound: gives +25% damage against players in the arena, +10% damage to ballistas and immunity to catapult and ballista damage.
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