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This article is about the skilling activity. For the animation override, see Deep-Sea Fishing.
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This activity may have associated player-run services, such as Friends Chat channels. Visit the official Minigames and D&Ds forum for more information.
Worlds Icon.png The official world for Deep Sea Fishing is world 116 (P2P).

The Deep Sea Fishing hub

Deep Sea Fishing is a Fishing activity that is accessed by talking to Goomah in the Fishing Guild. It is available to players from level 68 fishing (the same requirement to enter the Fishing Guild) and involves fishing in the Deep Sea Fishing hub.


Main article: Minnow shoal

Minnow fishing can be done at the south-east portion of the platform with level 68 fishing. Magnetic minnow can be caught 1-3 at a time and are stackable. They can be turned into manta ray, sea turtle, or great white shark bait if the player guts 300 magnetic minnows. They can't be cooked, but the player can eat them for 100 life points each. This activity is low intensity as the minnow shoals will move every few minutes, but they give less experience than other fishing methods. The rowboat north along the platform from the minnow shoals can be used as a bank. Fishing them gives between 45,000 experience an hour, at level 70 Fishing, and 87,000 experience an hour, at level 99 Fishing.

Magical fishing spots

Main article: Magical fishing spot

All over the platform, magical fishing spots can be found containing manta rays, sea turtles and great white sharks. These are only usable if manta ray, sea turtle, or great white shark bait from the minnows has been obtained beforehand. The spot will then allow the gathering of 50 fish, at which point the player will have to use another bait. Fish from the random event boosts, the Fury shark outfit's set bonus, or the Fishing cape perk do not count towards the 50 fish limit.

Swarm fishing

Main article: Swarm (fishing spot)

Swarm fishing spot

The south-west portion of the platform hosts a giant swarm net, which can be used without any requirements. It will catch a range of fish from mackerel all the way to sailfish. The player can catch fish that are above their fishing level. A higher fishing level increases the chances of getting higher-levelled fish. Occasionally, the player will stop fishing with the message: "A fish snags against the net." A Magical net north along the platform from the swarm net acts as a deposit box. Fishing from the swarm gives around 130,000 experience an hour at level 99 Fishing.


Jellyfish fishing spot

Two types of jellyfish can be found on the northern portion of the platform: green blubber jellyfish and blue blubber jellyfish, requiring level 68 and 91 fishing respectively. They can be cooked into their cooked equivalent and be eaten without losing adrenaline. At level 99 Fishing, fishing green blubber jellyfish gives around 61,000 experience an hour and fishing blue blubber jellyfish gives around 100,000 experience an hour.

The jellyfish may occasionally electrify themselves. Fishing at an electrifying spot causes a debuff stack to accumulate with each catch. This can be gradually cleared by fishing at a non-electrifying spot, which reduces the debuff by 2 stacks for each catch. If it reaches 10 stacks, continuing to fish at an electrifying spot will cause the player to be stunned for 10 seconds (this can be cleared with Freedom). If the player is stunned by an electrifying jellyfish, the debuff will transform into a 2.5 minute cooldown, which will refresh itself if the player is stunned again during that time. The cooldown prevents the player from fishing electrifying jellyfish spots. The player can continue to catch non-electrifying jellyfish, but they will have no effect on the debuff during this time. The debuff vanishes completely after the cooldown ends. A bank boat is near this platform, so players can bank their items.

Fishing frenzy

Towards the north-west portion of the platform, fishing frenzy spots can be found where the player must continually fling fish from the constantly changing fishing spots, requiring level 94 fishing. This method does not gain any fish, but it will give plenty of experience. It is possible to achieve the highest fishing experience per hour in game using this method. Continuously fishing gives a "streak" bonus of +1% xp boost for every 10 catches (up to 20% xp boost with a soft cap of 200 streak). The streak will be halved if the player is inactive for 6 seconds, but it will not decrease further until another fish is flung and inactivity is reached again. Success rate depends on the player's Fishing level (up to a maximum of 100% success rate at level 99).

At level 99 Fishing, fishing frenzy gives around 285,000 base experience an hour. At level 99 fishing, one can also gain at least 26,300 item experience an hour for their Fishing rod-o-matic, augmented crystal fishing rod, or augmented tavia's fishing rod.

Gaining a streak of 200 will grant the Frenzied achievement.


Sailfish can be found on the north-eastern portion of the platform, requiring level 97 fishing to catch. There are three types of sailfish spots that can appear: one swift, two regular, and one rare calm spots. Swift spots give more xp and have a higher catch rate, but they disappear quicker, while regular spots will last longer but have a lower catch rate. There is also a rare chance that players may encounter a calm sailfish spot, and these calm spots last longer than normal sailfish spots. Sailfish can be cooked into their cooked equivalent. Cooked sailfish can also be made into sailfish soups with spices in player-owned ports (which requires the player to have completed the full Eastern Soups Recipe Scroll). A magical net west along the platform from the sailfish spots acts as a deposit box. Fishing sailfish gives around 90,000 experience an hour at level 99 Fishing.

Random events

Random events occur in the central area

This hub has random events and interactions that take place in the centre of the area. These increase experience rates, as well as give temporary boosts to fishing. When a random event appears there will be a public chat announcement, the skybox will change to a nighttime setting, and the D&D icon D&D map icon.png will appear in the centre of the area.



A giant whirlpool appears in the middle of the platform, and players may donate money to receive the titles previously only available from the Well of Goodwill. This money does not go to charity. It is simply removed from the game. The whirlpool is also harvestable for random fish.

If more than 10,000,000 is donated, a random deep sea fishing boost lasting 10 minutes is given to players when the event ends, or for 30 minutes if the player was on the world when the event started. If the pool has a golden glow, this is an indication that enough money has been donated.

The achievement Make A Wish is completed when throwing money into the whirlpool.

Title Value
[Name] the Wishful 1+
[Name] the Generous 10,000,000
[Name] the Millionaire 100,000,000
[Name] the Charitable 1,000,000,000
[Name] the Billionaire 5,000,000,000

Travelling merchant

The travelling merchant's boat

A travelling merchant can occasionally appear at the centre of the hub hosting their shop, permanently offering an improved uncharted island map for 800,000 coins, as well as a selection of three other items that rotate daily. The merchant stocks useful items such as crystal triskelions, barrels of bait, deathtouched darts, and Motherlode Maw currency items among others. Once purchased, items will be marked as sold and cannot be purchased again on the same day. The merchant's stock changes at daily reset, 00:00 game time.

Purchasing any item from the merchant will complete the achievement, Up for sail.


Main article: Arkaneo

The legendary sailfish Arkaneo arrives in the middle of the platform and lasts ~50 seconds. He swims around in circles rapidly before departing. The player cannot interact with him. After he leaves, the player is granted all three of the deep sea fishing boosts for 15 minutes if the player is on the same world or 5 minutes if the player hops worlds.

Deep-sea encounters

A whale that can randomly spawn

If unsuccessful, hop to another world with more players such as the official world 116.

  • Sea Monster - Rapidly feed the sea monster using the rotten fish from the barrels or raw fish from your inventory. Successfully completing this event will grant a 10% chance to gain an additional catch. This buff lasts 10 minutes if the player world hopped or 30 minutes if the player is on the same world when the event happened.
  • Jellyfish invasion - Kick several small jellyfish off the docks scattered in the hub. The player cannot interact with the giant jellyfish in the water in the middle of the hub. Successfully completing this event grants a 5% fishing experience boost for 10 minutes if the player world hopped or 30 minutes if the player is on the world when the event happened.
  • Whale - Rescue a fisherman swallowed by the whale by fishing out minnows from it. Successfully completing this event will grant a 10% fishing rate boost. Boost lasts for 10 minutes if the player world hopped or 30 minutes if the player is on the world when the event happened.
    • At the end of the event, a fisherman is spit out from the whale and teleports up at same time as whale dives; Examine: I bet he had a whale of a time.



There are 7 Fishing achievements in the Deep Sea Fishing hub.

Gregg's ring

While fishing, Gregg 'groggy' herring's ring can be found and returned to Gregg. He can be found in the crow's nest at the top of the tall mast on the Deep Sea Fishing hub (2-story building with nets). He is above the Fish Flingers' Fisherman on the upper level. This will complete the achievement My precious!. Note that you cannot climb to the top, you must shout to him from the lower level by clicking on 'Bang ladder' just to the south.


Three different boosts can be acquired while fishing on the hub. These are:

These boosts have to be activated by using the corresponding item.

Activating all 3 Deep Sea Fishing boosts at the same time is a requirement for the Boosted animal achievement .


A seagull that can randomly spawn

Players can shoo away a seagull to gain Fishing experience.


Main article: Minnowman

A Minnowman appears near the minnow shoals asking for minnows. The player can contribute magnetic minnow to the Minnowman to receive Fishing experience once the Minnowman leaves the area (caps at 1,940 experience at level 99 Fishing).


A siren will sing the names of players, and if responded to, the player will gain a small amount of Fishing experience.

Captain Deathbeard

Main article: Captain Deathbeard

Captain Deathbeard will pass by in a rowboat, asking for directions. If responded to, the player will gain a small amount of fishing experience once he leaves the area.


A fisherman will fall in the water and the player can check on them if they are doing okay. If the fisherman responds to the player, they will gain a small amount of fishing experience once the fisherman gets back on the dock.

Treasure turtle

Main article: Treasure turtle

The treasure turtle will give you a free clue scroll reward if you're on the same world as it spawns. Otherwise, it will only unlock the achievement.


Players can feed a pelican a fish to gain Fishing experience.

Fishing Notes

Players may receive Fishing Notes randomly while fishing. These can be read for fishing experience.