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Desert Treasure is a quest released on 18 April 2005. It involves the player assisting the Mahjarrat, Azzanadra, in his escape from his pyramid prison in the Kharidian Desert. This quest should not be underestimated as it is extremely long, arduous and difficult to complete. Very few low level players have completed it, and lower level players attempting Desert Treasure should be wary of the fact that they will most likely come close to death at least once during the quest. However, medium or high level players with a combat level of 100 or more might find this quest rather easy and shouldn't have too much trouble completing it.

Official description

Rumours abound throughout Varrock and Al-Kharid that an archaeologist has discovered clues to a hoard of treasure hidden deep in the desert, south of Al-Kharid.

Anybody prepared to offer him assistance in his treasure hunting could well find themselves benefitting from a very large reward indeed...


Start pointQuest map icon.png Speak to the Archaeologist in the Bedabin Camp.
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
Official lengthVery long
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.


Quest.png Quests:


  • 53 Thieving Thieving (May not be boosted) 53 is minimum, but any higher would be an advantage, due to many players having to get more and more lockpicks.
  • 15 Agility Agility Must be able to pass obstacles on the way to Trollheim.
  • Ability to defeat high leveled monsters up to level 174, that can hit up to 410.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat

4 Guardians which are:

Asgarnia Smith

Walk or take a carpet ride to the Bedabin Camp in the desert. Talk to the archaeologist, Asgarnia Smith, and ask him if he has any quests for you. He can be found right next to the magic carpet merchant. After talking with him, he will give you etchings to take to the expert at the Digsite.

Travel to the Digsite and head to the Exam centre to the south-east and talk to the Archaeological Expert inside. He will take the etchings. Talk to him again and he will give you a Translation Book to take back to the archaeologist. Go back to the archaeologist in the Bedabin Camp. Talk to him and agree to split the treasure 50/50.

Go south to the bandit camp. Talk to the bartender there, buy a drink (Bandit's Brew) for 650 coins, and then talk to the bartender again and ask about four diamonds. He will tell you to look for someone else about the four Diamonds of Azzanadra.

Note: If you wear an item of Saradomin or Zamorak, the bandits will attack you.

Enchanting the Mirrors

Items Needed

Talk to Eblis, who can be found in (or near, he occasionally wanders outside) the house directly east of the bar, past the general store. Ask him if he knows about the four diamonds. He will tell you that he needs several items to create mirrors that can tell you where the diamonds are located. Bring him the items listed above.

Note: The steel bars, magic logs, molten glass, bones, and ashes may be noted. The charcoal must be unnoted.

Eblis and the enchanted mirrors.

Use the items on Eblis, who will tell you to meet him a little distance southeast of the camp (it will appear on your minimap as a small brown ring). Go to a small hill to the east to find Eblis standing between 6 mirrors. Talk to Eblis. If you like, look into each of the mirrors, and you will see six locations across RuneScape. Two of them, the pyramid and the Bandit Camp, are not related to the diamonds' location. The other four locations show where you can find the diamonds. Those locations are Canifis; an icy location near Trollheim; a smokey well near Pollnivneach; and a calm, serene area with benches and trees that is west of Fishing Guild and South of Baxtorian Falls.

Note: Should you keep any of the diamonds in your inventory, there is a chance you'll be attacked by a level 95 stranger who attacks with a dragon dagger (p++). The Stranger should be no threat to you if you are level 90+, but it is still safer to keep the diamonds in the bank.

You must now obtain each of these four diamonds, which will each be guarded by a difficult boss. The diamonds can be obtained in any order.

Canifis - blood diamond

Items needed

File:Map to Dessous.PNG

The Map to Dessous’ tomb.

Recommended items

Reaching Dessous

Travel to Canifis and go into to the pub, where a cut scene will occur. Talk to Malak in the pub and ask him all available questions. He will tell you that a vampire lord named Dessous has the blood diamond. Malak will make a deal with you; kill Dessous for him and you can keep the blood diamond. He will ask you to get a Blessed pot of Garlic and Spiced Blood in order to draw him out.

Ruantun living in the Draynor Sewers.

Take a silver bar to Ruantun, who lives in the Draynor sewers north of the marketplace. Talk to him with a silver bar in your inventory and he will make you a silver pot.

Make sure you have no weapons or armour before going to the High Priest in Entrana, who will bless the pot for you. If the pot is not blessed, you can still get Dessous to attack, but he may hit four times as hard and will not die.

Return to Canifis and talk to Malak. He will damage you for 50 lifepoints, and fill the blessed pot with your blood. Grind the garlic with a pestle and mortar to get the garlic powder, and add the powder and the spices into the pot of blood. NOTE: You may waste the blood if you don't use both the garlic powder and spices on it before pouring it on the gravestone.

Take the pot to the graveyard in the Mort Myre swamp. Beware of ghasts as they may rot your food on your way to Dessous, unless you are carrying a charged druid pouch. Once you arrive at the graveyard, prepare yourself for combat and pour the blood on the tomb to make Dessous appear.

Defeating Dessous

A player fights Dessous with ranged.

Dessous has both a melee attack and a ranged/magic attack. The ranged/magic attack will hit constant 50s, while the melee attack hits at up to 189. Eat a piece of food when you lose 250 lifepoints. A common mistake made by players whilst fighting Dessous is to panic and run around looking for a better spot. This should not be attempted, because he can teleport next to you. If you make him teleport more than three times, he says "I'm tired of playing with you" and returns back inside the coffin, and you will have to go back to Malak for fresh blood.

Bring at least 2 Prayer potions (only 1 should be needed with 50+ prayer), the Ectophial or teleportation tablets, possibly a druid pouch, and fill your remaining inventory with good food. Equip good Ranged or Magic gear, or bring a Dwarf Multicannon. It is not recommended to melee Dessous, as melee attacks hit him much less often than magic. You can always teleport out and try again, if you get Malak to refill the pot with your blood.

Note: Dessous changes what kind of attack he uses depending on which prayer you use, so if you protect from melee, he will only use his ranged and magic attack, while praying either ranged or magic could allow him to use either. It is recommended to use the Protect from Melee prayer, as it hits considerably harder, and the ranged and magic combo attack cannot be completely blocked.

There are many ways to defeat Dessous:

1. Using Magic

He is extremely weak against wind spells and the Saradomin strike. Attack him from up close. It is recommended to drink a dose of Magic potion prior to the fight, and should not be underestimated as he is proven difficult to defeat even with level 70 Magic and using wind blast.

2. Using Ranged

Equip a Rune crossbow, an Unholy book, and Ruby bolts (e) if you can. Ranged boosting equipment such as an Archer helm, Archer ring, black d'hide or Armadyl equipment can help generate more frequent numbers. Bring ranging potions, one or two prayer potions, and 10-20 sharks or rocktails.

A player using ranged and a Dwarf Multicannon at Dessous.

3. Using a Cannon

A Dwarf multicannon can humourously be used to kill Dessous. In this case, simply set up the cannon and reload when needed. You can attack him with whatever you want, as the cannon will do most of the work.

4. Using Melee

This method is discouraged for high-leveled players looking for a challange, as Dessous has an adversely high melee defense than magic. Bring attack potions, one or two prayer potions, and 15-20 sharks or rocktails. You may wish to bring a fast weapon with a decent accuracy like an Abyssal whip matched with a defender, to try and get more opportunities to hit him. Also make use of the Bandos Godsword's special if you happen to have one in your possession. Since his magic and ranged attacks can't be avoided, prayer melee while using strength boosting equipment as it is futile to bring armour with higher magic defence instead.

After the fight, you will discover that Dessous does not have the diamond. Go back to Malak, who will give you the blood diamond and take the blessed pot. Make sure to bank the blood diamond immediately in the Canifis bank to prevent having to face the possibility of the stranger's appearance.

Icy Path - ice diamond

Items needed

Items recommended

Note: Inventory spaces are a commodity in this part of the quest. Prepare your inventory based on your strengths and weaknesses, keeping in mind the fact that the icy area reduces every single stat by 1 every few seconds, including life points, magic, and prayer. You will not be able to run unless you have bathed in the salt water spring from As a First Resort... beforehand. Under these conditions, you will have to kill 5 level 120 enemies, withstand attacks from aggressive, high-level wolves in a multicombat area, have a boss fight, and then risk falling on the ice path. You can make multiple trips, if necessary.

Reaching Kamil

The lost troll child.

File:Kamil Path.png

Path to ice child and Kamil

Head to Trollheim using a method such as teleporting or walking from Burthorpe. At the north-west corner of the mountain is a path leading towards the Ice Path. Do not confuse this with the northeast passage to the God Wars Dungeon. Go up this passage until you see a small troll child standing by an ice gate.

Talk to the child, and he will start crying. Give him the cake and he will tell you that his mum and dad have been captured by a bad man because they stole his diamond. Enter the ice gate and kill five ice trolls. Fire spells are recommended as they do considerably higher damage. Pray against melee to avoid damage. Drink from a restore potion when your magic falls below the required level and eat as necessary. The cave at the back is blocked by five chunks of ice, preventing passage. Every time you kill a troll, one chunk falls down, which can be verified by seeing the message: "A chunk of ice falls away from the cave entrance..." in your chat box.

Note that there is a safe spot to kill ice trolls. The safe spot is between the gate and the ice troll closest to the gate. This does NOT stop your skills from being drained.

Once you have killed five trolls at the gate, the cave at the back should open. If you stop getting a message every time you kill an ice troll it means you have killed all the trolls necessary. If desired, leave to restore your stats or restock on items. Continue through the gate to reach Kamil.

Note that this is a multicombat area with level 132 wolves, so protect from melee is highly recommended.

WARNING: If you are a low level player attempting to do this quest without protect from melee, actually reaching Kamil can be the hardest part of this section. Do not underestimate the difficulty of moving through a multicombat area loaded with fast, accurate attackers. Your defence will be down due to the stat draining, you will constantly auto-switch to walking even if you've used the salt water spring, it's a fairly long distance to Kamil, and you will be losing large amounts of hitpoints from both the wolves and the weather.

Defeating Kamil

A player fights Kamil.

Kamil is a lot more deadly than his combat level suggests due to his unique ice spell, which is similar to Ice Barrage. Even if you are a very high level, it is critical to bring lots of food and potions. Bring good magic armour, runes to cast your best fire spell, and spiked boots. Five stat and prayer restore potions and an emergency teleport are also recommended. When you are fighting Kamil, remember to have Protect from Melee prayer on at all times, as he can hit up to 220 with melee. The fight with Kamil is a one-on-one fight — the wolves cannot enter the area.

Through the first half of the fight, he freezes you frequently. While you are frozen, you will be unable to cast a spell, and after each time he freezes you, you will stop attacking. It is best to click "attack" as often as possible. About halfway through the fight, he stops freezing you so frequently and you will be able to make headway on casting spells at him. Kamil drops a Super restore potion and two Chocolate cakes. It is safe to eat the cakes — you will not need to give them to anyone.

It is recommended to either use Magic or a Dwarf cannon to defeat Kamil. Melee and Ranged are ineffective.

1. Using Magic

The highest possible level fire spell should be used here. Due to a recent update, the decreased magic level you will suffer does not affect the ability to cast a spell, only the accuracy; but Kamil is extremely weak to fire spells inherently. When fighting, make sure to stand next to Kamil so that he will attack with Melee more often than ice magic. If not, then Kamil will consistently cast his freezing spell up to several times per minute. Even if you're capable of sustaining all of the damage, you will only have a few chances every minute to cast your own spell on Kamil.

2. Using a Cannon

Kamil can be killed by a Dwarf Multicannon. Dragonhide armour is recommended to protect against the Magic attacks that he may cast. Ensure that your Ranged level does not significantly drop, either through Restore potions or Ranging potions. Bring at least 200 cannonballs. This method makes the fight considerably easier. Note that the cannon may fire at the ice wolves if placed too close to the entrance.

After Kamil has been defeated, turn off all prayers and use food sparingly — there will be no more fighting for this diamond, so you will only have to worry about the constant 10 lifepoint damage from the cold and the potential 20 lifepoint damage from falling on the ice path.

Finding the diamond

The ice shelf; where the spiked boots become necessary.

Approaching the frozen troll parents.

For this part, playing high detail is recommended, as the icy path can be difficult to see on standard detail.

Once Kamil is dead, you need to follow the Ice Path to the north-west. The path winds counterclockwise around a small mountain. Put on your spiked boots and climb up the ledge. You will fall as you walk along the Ice Path and take 20 damage. Super restore potions may help here, since higher Agility seems to decrease the fall frequency. Follow the Ice Path all the way to the top until you see another gate and a bridge. On the other side, the troll's parents are encased in ice.

The Ice blocks have 100 lifepoints each. Attack them to free the troll mother and troll father. After freeing the troll parents, they will take you back outside the gate and their son will give you the Ice diamond. Teleport out and quickly bank the diamond.

Be sure to restore any fallen stats to regular levels before continuing the quest.

Smokey Well - smoke diamond

*Note you may have to wait for your Firemaking to restore to its full level after being drained while obtaining the Ice Diamond*

Items needed

Items recommended

  • Run energy restoration methods (3+ Super energy potions, Explorer's ring 3/4, a spirit terrorbird, or the salt-water spring in Oo'glog), it can be done without run restortion methods. Try to use Spotted Cape and Boots of Lightness.
  • Magic resistant armour
  • A small amount of food and prayer potions may be needed, depending on your constitution and prayer levels.
  • Shantay pass (or runes for teleport to house if your house is in Pollnivneach, a modified house teleport tablet or a slayer ring)
  • Ice gloves (without them, you cannot wield a weapon against Fareed)

Reaching Fareed

A torch in the smoke dungeon.

You will need at least one free inventory space at all times - opening the chest will cause the key to appear in your inventory, and defeating Fareed will cause the diamond to appear in your inventory.

Equip a facemask or similar protection from the smoke and take all of the items listed to the Smokey Well. It is marked on the world map as a dungeon west of Pollnivneach. In each of the four corners of this dungeon there are torches that you need to light using your tinderbox. Plan your route through the dungeon first, and then run and light all the torches, sipping energy potions or using summoning familiars such as the spirit terrorbird as you run.

When all four are lit, go to the centre of the dungeon and open the Burnt chest that contains a warm key. The lamps will burn out if you take too long. If you walk, the first lamp will burn out by the time you reach the chest.

  • 0: Entrance
  • 1-4: Numerical order in which torches should be lit (this is the shortest route)
  • 5: Chest where the key is located
  • 6: Fareed

Once you have the warm key, there's no need to run any more. Stroll to the east part of the dungeon where there is a gate. Use the key with the gate and Fareed will appear.

Defeating Fareed

Fareed; the guardian of the smoke diamond.

Fareed is arguably the easiest of the four bosses. Still, special care is needed. If you die after entering Fareed's lair, you will lose your key. If Fareed kills you, you do not need to relight the torches and reattain the key.

Ice gloves are needed to wield a weapon against Fareed. If you don't wear ice gloves, runes cannot be supplied by a staff; you must have all runes. If you wish to range Fareed, only ice arrows can be used.

When fighting Fareed, using Protect from Melee is extremely important; make sure it is activated before you start the fight, as his melee attacks can hit up to the high 400s. His magic attack is weak, and magic-resistant armour, such as dragonhide, will greatly help.

1. Using Melee

Simply wear the ice gloves and use a decent weapon such as the abyssal whip.

2. Using Magic

Even if you are using a non-elemental staff such as the Staff of light you must still wear ice gloves. Cast the best Water spell that you have.

3. Using Ranged

Range him with ice arrows while wearing ice gloves.

Once you have killed Fareed, the Smoke diamond will automatically appear in your inventory. Be sure to teleport out and immediately bank the diamond. WARNING; If it doesn't appear in your inventory, pick it up from the ground.

Shadow Dungeon - shadow diamond

Items needed

Items recommended

Reaching Damis

Obtaining the gilded cross.

Travel west of the Fishing Guild to where there are several Moss Giants. Just to the north of them, there is a fenced-in area near Baxtorian Falls, where you'll find Rasolo — he may or may not be inside the fenced area. Talk to him and he will say that he will give you a Ring of visibility if you retrieve his gilded cross that was stolen by Laheeb in the Bandit Camp.

Take some food, antipoison, and as many lockpicks or hair clips as you can carry to the Bandit camp in the desert south of Al Kharid (where you bought bandit's brew for 650 gold). If you run out of lockpicks, you can pickpocket from the guards in the bar. In the southern tent is a secure chest. Use your lockpicks on it until you manage to open it and get a gilded cross. There are three locks which you must get through, all of which will reset if any attempt should fail. Each failure will break a lockpick and deal 20-30 lifepoints of damage. The hitsplat is always green, but you are not poisoned every time. Temporary boosts such as Bandit's brew may help with this chest. To save trips, you can sell your noted lockpicks to the nearby general store, and then buy them back off the store if you run out of ones in your inventory. You may pickpocket nearby bandits for lockpicks and anti-poisons. You can also bring around 5 lockpicks and note the rest you have. when the 5 are used up, sell the noted ones to the general store and re-buy them. you will re-buy them unnoted. this allows for more food to be brought.

Once you have the cross, return to Rasolo and exchange it for the ring of visibility. If you lose the ring, talk to Rasolo for another one. When you wear it, a ladder will appear to the east of Rasolo in the picnic spot inside fences. This is the entrance to the Shadow Dungeon. ***NOTE: If you take off your ring of visibility at anytime while in the cave, you will have to leave the cave and re-enter to fight Damis.***

When you climb down the ladder, head east as far as you can, then north as far as you can. Head east and go south as far as possible at the first option. Go east again. You will see a little cave to your South as you go past; if you run into this you can recharge life points and run energy without using vital supplies. After this, take the next turn North, then go East, and you're in Damis's cave. Run to the centre of the part of the cave and he will appear. Be aware that this is a multicombat area.

Defeating Damis

File:Spell Casting.PNG

A player attacking Damis.


The location of the corner at which Damis can be trapped.

Damis has two forms - his first form is relatively easy, whereas his second form will drain 40-60 prayer points every time he hits you, even if he hits a zero. He only uses melee. If you die after defeating the first form, you will only need to fight the second form when you come back. Bring a few prayer potions, some food, and preferably a Ranged or Magic weapon, as a safespot is available. Watch out when walking to the safespot - he might disappear into the shadows and you will have to leave the dungeon completely and make your way back to fight him again or alternatively re-log and he will appear. Rather than leaving the dungeon, an easier method to is to hop to another world, as he will appear again without you having to leave the dungeon.

While using protect from melee to block all of Damis's attacks, meleeing him is not recommended because of his prayer drain. Damis hits fast and fairly accurately, so players attempting to melee him should take a dose of a super set and have a defence level of 70+, or at least be able to last long enough to get into a safespot.

1. Using Magic

Earth spells are extremely effective against Damis as it is how the quest is meant to be done by strategic means. Claws of Guthix and Iban blast are also effective for those with although doesn't neccessarily add to much of an advantage worth getting for the specific purpose of making the fight with Damis go more smoothly. It is recommended to use the supplied safespot as Damis can burn your prayer points constantly at a quick and steady rate at melee range, even so make sure to bring at least one or two prayer potions.

2. Using Ranged

Using Diamond bolts (e) is the among the few only recommended method while ranging as Damis has very high defence, and as such ranging should be avoided unless it is your only sufficiently leveled skill. A suggested and cheaper alternative is using a Magic Longbow (sighted) with poisoned arrows. However, with both methods, it is highly recommended to use the safespot so as to freely utilize ranged boosting equipment such as black d'hide armour without the need for prayer extending or melee protective equipment.

3. Using Melee

Due to the prayer drain ability of Damis and high defence in his second form, meleeing foot to foot is not recommended. The Dragon Dagger's special attack works well as an auxiliary weapon for it's poison ability, just make sure to special him during his first form as his defence increases dramatically upon transforming preventing further chances of poisoning and if he is poisoned beforehand he will remain poisoned in his second. It is suggested to take advantage of a safespot using a halberd.

A cannon works against him, but it is inadvisable as it would have to be set up outside the safe spot. Be careful when trying to safespot him as the skeletons and hounds will try to attack you and will possibly start piling you from the moment you enter the multiway combat zone.

Once Damis is defeated, pick up the shadow diamond. Teleport out and bank the diamond.

The Pyramid

Items needed

Items recommended

Opening the Pyramid

File:DT Blood Obelisk.gif

The blood diamond obelisk

Return to Eblis, at the 6 mirrors in the desert. Be sure to have the four diamonds in your inventory. Go to the Pyramid southeast of Eblis (marked "Pyramid" on the world map), and place one diamond in each of the four obelisks at the outside corners of the pyramid. Each obelisk takes a specific diamond. You should be able to determine the diamond from the appearance of the obelisk, but trial-and-error placement also works. It is not possible to put a diamond into the wrong obelisk; it is also not possible to take a diamond back out of the obelisk.

When all four obelisks are activated, the pyramid will open and can be entered from the top.

Getting through the Pyramid

Using Protect from Melee will negate all damage, but you can still be poisoned by the scarab swarms. Desert heat is not a factor inside the pyramid, but almost all of the interior is dangerous, with level 103 Mummies roaming about, level 92 Scarab swarms occasionally boiling out of the floor, and level 92 mummies sometimes spontaneously popping out of sarcophagi. All monsters use only melee, though the scarab swarms can also poison. The scarab swarms, spontaneous mummies, and traps cannot be detected in advance. The room containing the altar on level 4, however, is safe.

Every time a scarab swarm appears, or a mummy pops out of a sarcophagus, you will stop moving, and will not be able to move until the animation has finished. It is possible to avoid a scarab swarm entirely by making sure it is behind a mummy. There are also randomly activated traps that will kick you out of the pyramid. It is recommended to avoid stopping running to reduce the chance of running into one of these traps.

The levels in the pyramid are numbered in the order the player encounters them in the quest. The purple line marks the route.

File:Jaldraocht outside.png

Diagram of the pyramid's exterior


Enter the pyramid from its top. The southern entrance to Level 4 and the Ancient Magicks altar can only be used after the quest has been completed.

File:Jaldraoch level1.png

Level 1 of Jaldraocht

Level 1

Run from the entrance ladder to the Level 2 ladder. This level is the smallest in the area, with the fewest mummies. If possible, flash your prayer and save your run energy.

File:Jaldraoch level2.png

Level 2 of Jaldraocht

Level 2

Run from the Level 1 ladder to the Level 3 ladder. This level is the second smallest in area, with a few more mummies roaming about. This room might have a few traps. Be sure to look out for them.

File:Jaldraoch level3.png

Level 3 of Jaldraocht

Level 3

Run from the Level 3 ladder to the Level 4 ladder. This level is fairly large in area, presenting more of a challenge to players traversing it. A significant number of mummies are roaming about, and there is a vast amount of traps.

File:Jaldraoch level4.png

Level 4 of Jaldraocht

Level 4

The central chamber.

Run from the Level 3 ladder to the altar room. This level is quite large in area, with a lot mummies roaming about everywhere except the altar room. The altar room is separated by a door - do not rely on the minimap to run outside.

It is possible for a scarab swarm to boil up inside the altar room, but this only happens if it was boiling up as you were entering the room. If this is the case, trap it between the door and an obstacle that is just in front of the door. Speak to Azzanadra in the altar room to complete the quest and to be granted the ability to use Ancient Magicks (if Azzanadra is not present, use the altar first and he should appear).


Music unlocked

Required for completing

Completion of Desert Treasure is required for the following:


  • If you've teleported to Canfis , and when Malak notices you, you automatically teleport to the pub's doorway.
  • The name Eblis is the word Iblīs "إبليس" (Arabic) which is the name of the major Satan (Devil, Shaitan or Satan) شيطان in Islam.
  • Most of the NPCs have Arabic names - This might be due to the setting of the quest being in the Desert.
  • When you complete the quest, your adventurer's log will say, "After recovering the Four Diamonds of Azzanadra, I found a strange being in the heart of a pyramid who taught me a thing or two about magic."
  • After completing the quest, if you talk to Juna, your character will say "...In the pyramid I discovered a whole new set of magic spells!"
  • The starting NPC, Asgarnia Smith , is a reference to the archaeologist Indiana Jones.
  • If, at the beginning of the quest where you give the archaelogist expert the notes from the archaeologist and you go back to the archaeologist who started the quest, he will ask you if you have the translation, and you say that you got bored and came back to him.
  • After the recent Temple Trekking update, you can now see parts of a few of the event areas from the southern edge of the Shadow Dungeon .

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