For the reward items from the Rogue Trader activity, see Desert outfit.
Desert robes equipped

Desert clothing is a set of white clothing which can be bought from Shantay in the Shantay Pass or Ali Morrisane for a reasonably low price. The set consists of the desert shirt, desert robe, and desert boots.

When worn, desert clothing decreases the desert heat effect of the Kharidian Desert. However, even with desert clothing, a tome of frost, waterskins or an enchanted water tiara are needed to avoid taking any damage when crossing the desert by foot, although fewer waterskins are needed when travelling with desert robes as they provide more protection.

Without desert clothing, a player needs water about every 90 seconds. With a full set of desert clothing, a player needs water about every 120 seconds. The only other clothing to provide protection is the desert outfit, though it is not as effective.

During the quest Shadow of the Storm, players can dye these robes black with mushroom ink. The boots, however, cannot be dyed. The black desert robes provide no protection against the desert heat.

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