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Desert goat horns are obtained by killing a Goat or Billy goat in the Kharidian Desert, or Scabarites (all but Scabaras ranger), or as a random drop from Corporeal Beast. They can also be obtained from slicing open dung kalphites in the Kalphite nursery. When used with a pestle and mortar, 1 Herblore experience is awarded to the player and the horn becomes goat horn dust, which is used as ingredients for Combat potions or as a tertiary ingredient for the Smoke Devil summoning pouch.

It is also possible to receive horns by selecting the 'Gamble' option when receiving rewards at the Soul Wars minigame. This will result in receiving horns in quantities of 6. The price of desert goat horns has dropped recently due to bots killing them. Jagex then added a herblore shop close to the area where the bots were used. It is unclear whether they did this to encourage players to report the bots and/or act as a deterrent to macroers.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Billy Goat151Always
Locust lancer773Rare
Locust rider753Rare
Scabaras lancer773Rare
Scabaras mage773Rare
Scabaras ranger773Rare
Corporeal Beast785120Uncommon
Dung kalphiteN/A1Uncommon
Exiled kalphite worker751Uncommon
Locust ranger773Uncommon
Scarab mage753Uncommon

Obtaining horns

The easiest way to obtain desert goat horns is to kill goats just west of the bank in Nardah, where banking is quick. It is recommended to wear full desert clothes and have two or more full waterskins in your inventory as the damage from the desert heat effect can be dangerous. An enchanted water tiara with water runes bound to it can be used in place of waterskins to save inventory space. Having a high combat level and a good weapon is recommended to kill goats quickly. If you are combat level 75+, you can bank 350-400 desert goat horns in an hour, Hopping between four worlds.


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  • The examine text refers to a shofar.