This article is about the reward items from the Rogue Trader miniquest. For white robes which can be purchased from several vendors, see Desert clothing.
A player wearing the desert outfit.

The Desert outfit consists of a fez, an overcoat, and desert legs. Additionally, there is also a desert top (a plain top) and desert robes, which are like a skirt.


The outfit looks like the clothing worn by the magic carpet operators. They provide protection against the desert heat. The set may be obtained after completing the third part of the Rogue Trader miniquest. They can be swapped out for the Menaphite clothing. The fez looks similar to a Santa hat and was once used to scam players.


The complete desert outfit provides some protection against desert heat, giving 45 seconds until you need to drink. However, the Desert clothing provides 120 seconds before a drink, making the normal clothes much more useful.

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