Desert pantheon aura detail

The desert pantheon aura is an aura that was available with the 2016–2017 Premier Club. The aura became unusable after 31 December 2017[1], except for users who purchased Premier membership after 31 December 2016, who were able to continue using the aura until the last day of their Premier membership (i.e., sometime in January 2017). During 2017, losing your membership status, regardless of whether or not you regained it, would also result in the aura becoming unusable. Upon attempting to use the aura in its unusable state, the player will receive a game message that reads, "You no longer hold the power to commune with the Desert Pantheon Gods."

While it was active, the aura generated 250 charges each day, and could store a maximum of 500 charges. Unlike other auras, the pantheon aura's daily recharge didn't happen until you logged out and back in. The charges could be spent on any of the benefits listed in the table below.

Desert Pantheon aura interface

In contrast with other auras, the pantheon aura could grant its effects to the player even after being unequipped (after initially triggering them), allowing players to use it with another aura.

Name Charges Effect
Feast of Amascut 125 +10% reputation gained within Menaphos for 1 hour.

Receiving the effect prompts the message Your communion with Amascut was successful.

Strength of Het 50 Maximum life points are increased by 20% (to a maximum of 1000 extra) for 1 hour. This gives the "Life Points Boosted" buff.

Receiving the effect prompts the message Your communion with Het was successful and you receive 20% increased health for the next hour.

Ward of Icthlarin 125 2 sign of life effects, to be used within an hour

Hardcore ironmen cannot use this effect.

Receiving the effect prompts the message Your communion with Icthlarin was successful and you will receive 2 free Sign of Life effects in the next hour.

Wisdom of Scabaras 200 An additional 10% experience is gained for one hour

Ironmen cannot use this effect. Additionally, unlike other communions, removing the aura removes this effect.

Receiving the effect prompts the message Your communion with Scabaras was successful and you receive a 10% XP boost for an hour.

Bounty of Crondis 150 Divine location gathering limit is increased by 100%. This can only be used once per day and does not stack with vis wax boost.

Receiving the effect prompts the message Your communion with Crondis was successful. Your divine location gathering limit has been fully extended.

Joy of Apmeken 100 The user and all players nearby gain the 10% pulse core effect for 10 minutes (duration refreshed if repeated by the user or another nearby).

Receiving the effect prompts the message A communion to Apmeken has taken place. You feel enlightened and gain XP boost for the next 10 minutes and your [random category] are [boosted/healed/restored].

Ironmen cannot use this effect.

The Wisdom of Scabaras effect could not be used during double experience weekends. Upon attempting to commune with Scabaras on a double XP weekend, the player would receive a message in the chatbox reading, "Double XP is already active, you don't need to activate this aura."

Prior to the release of Menaphos, Amascut's benefit was unusable, as in her absence from Menaphos her power had been "dissipated" from the aura. Amascut's effect was released along with Menaphos on 5 June 2017, but was not usable until 12 June 2017.

Unlike most auras, it is not found in the Aura management interface and is instead an item that is equipped in the aura slot.


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