Release date 30 January 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 99
Book Ancient Curses
Drain rate 400 points per minute (1 point per 0.15 seconds)
Effect +12 Ranged levels (for accuracy)
+12% Ranged damage
+12 Defence levels (for armour)

Drains enemy -6 to -10 Ranged levels (for accuracy)
-6 to -10 enemy Defence levels (for armour)
-9% to -15% enemy Ranged damage (PvM)
-6% to -10% enemy Ranged damage (PvP)

Desolation is a curse released as a reward from Nex: Angel of Death. It is unlocked by using the praesul codex. It requires level 99 Prayer to activate, the highest in the game alongside Malevolence and Affliction.

Desolation is a boosted version of Anguish; it boosts the user's Ranged level by 12, Ranged damage by 12%, and Defence level by 12, and drains them from the opponent.

Praesul prayer activation

Desolation's animation when activated


  • On release, Desolation was an overhead prayer. This was changed a week later following player feedback. To compensate for being able to be used with deflection curses and Soul Split, its drain rate was increased to 400 prayer points per minute.
  • Malevolence, Desolation, and Affliction share the highest prayer drain rate, 40 times as fast as the slowest draining curse, Protect Item.
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