This article is about the quest variant. For the combined variant encountered in the Dominion Tower, see Flambeed, Agrith-Na-Na and Dessourt.
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Dessourt is the Dessous of Recipe for Disaster. In the subquest Defeating the Culinaromancer, he is resistant to melee, although strong players may still use melee if they want. He is weak to ranged, with thrown weapons being the most effective approach. Sagaies are very effective in killing him.

If magic is used to attack him, bring strong melee-resistant armour. He hits hard and fast with melee and can use magic attacks that deal rapid damage (similar to his Desert Treasure counterpart). Once he is summoned a player should try to stun him and attack from a distance.

Dessourt is fought along with Agrith-Na-Na and Flambeed as a class D boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame (if the player has completed Recipe For Disaster).


  • "Dessourt" is a combination of the word "dessert" and the name "Dessous".
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