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Not to be confused with Devoted.
Release date 11 December 2013 (Update)
Members No
Skill Defence
Level 1
Type Threshold
Adrenaline −15%
Equipment None
Cooldown 60 seconds
Protection prayers are 100% effective (75% in PvP) for 10 seconds. Killing an opponent extends the effect by 5 seconds up to a maximum of 20 seconds.
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Devotion is a threshold Defence ability. When activated, protection prayers and deflect curses reduce the damage of the styles they defend against to 1 for 10 seconds. In PvP, damage is instead reduced by 75%. The effect can be extended by 5 seconds per opponent killed, capped at a maximum total duration of 20 seconds by killing two opponents. Killing multiple enemies at the exact same time only counts as one kill.

Note that some monsters, such as nihil and muspah, ignore the effects of Devotion, even if the correct prayers are used. It is unknown if any other monsters are capable of doing this.

It can be unlocked with 3,500 Reward Currency from the Anima Islands Distraction & Diversion, which became available following the fall of Tuska at the Tuska Comes world event.

It was first obtainable by participating in the second world event, at a cost of 32,000 renown, additionally requiring a runite event token. With the death of Bandos and end of the event, it can now be obtained as a rare drop from General Graardor and Kree'arra[1]. It is also obtainable from their bodyguards and from other aviansie in Armadyl's Eyrie and other Bandos followers within the dungeon.

These abilities are individual drops; however, it is possible to receive multiple abilities in a single kill. When received, it is automatically learned; it does not drop as an item. When learned, the message "You have unlocked the Devotion ability!" appears in the chatbox.


Devotion can be very useful in the following cases:

Note: Devotion can only defend against melee, magic, and ranged damage, and only if the correct protection/deflect prayer is used. In the event that the player fails to switch to the appropriate prayer in time or if prayers are disabled by an attack such as Smash, Devotion does not have any effect. Typeless damage is likewise unaffected. Receiving attacks from multiple styles at once may also necessitate the use of other defence abilities such as Reflect, as players can only activate one protect/deflect prayer at a time.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Aviansie89; 92; 951Rare
Cyclops57; 63; 68; 911Rare
General Graardor210; 6241Rare
Goblin1; 2; 4; 5; 6; 7; 11; 841Rare
Hobgoblin28; 30; 32; 35; 911Rare
Jogre57; 861Rare
Kree'arra210; 5801Rare
Ogre56; 67; 861Rare


  • For a while after release, the ability gave full protection of that combat style. As of the patch notes of 24 February, 2014, the ability now blocks 75% of the damage in a PvP situation.
  • When released, Devotion lasted 20 seconds and extended up to 40 seconds. After a hidden update, it was reduced to 5 seconds with a limit of 20 seconds, but due to many player complaints, the patch notes increased the duration of Devotion for 10 seconds.
  • Originally when this ability was released the cooldown time was 60 seconds. On 24 February 2014 this was changed to 90 seconds. This was later reverted back to 60 seconds with an overall buff to the ability.[which?]


  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Moltare's Twitter account. 11 December 2013. Mod Moltare: "Will the abilities be available after the event ends? - yes, as a very rare drop from Graardor and Kree."
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