This article is about workmen at the Digsite. For other Digsite workmen, see Digsite workman (disambiguation).

The Digsite workmen can be found in and around the Digsite, as well as carrying rocks to the Varrock Museum. They can also be thieved; however, if they catch you, they deal you 10 life points worth of damage. They're not very good training because they react slower to thieves than most NPCs. They give 10 Thieving experience.

They play an important role in The Dig Site quest as one may steal an animal skull from them. Also, players who come to work at the Digsite without the necessary tools can pickpocket the workmen and eventually gain most of the items needed, although this can take some time.

Thievable items

When a player pickpockets a Digsite workman, they may steal:


  • One of the Digsite workers still uses the original RuneScape 2 standing animation, which is only two frames.
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