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Start pointQuest map icon.png
Dimension of Disaster Curse of Arrav icon.png
Speak to Arrav in Varrock Castle
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
Official lengthMedium
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Enemies to defeat

The Heart of Arrav

Arrav chathead.png

Talk to Arrav to start the quest. The aim is now to steal the heart of Arrav and store it in a canopic jar. To make the jar you need: a canopic jar, sacred oil, dwellberries, and a ring of life.

Preparing the Jar

Canopic jar

Ernie (zombie) chathead.png

For the jar talk to Ernie upstairs in a building south of the east bank house with pottery symbol in New Varrock. Before giving you a jar, he gives you a cooking urn which you must fill. Go outside and chop the dead tree nearby for some logs. Travel north-east to the zombie cow pen and kill roughly a dozen cows – the exact number of undead meat needed varies from player to player. Pick up their undead meat, chop down a nearby (dead) tree, light a fire inside of Ernie's house, and cook the meat.

Some areas will not register your cooking, so check the urn when cooking your first piece to make sure it's registering. The cow pen and Ernie's house are areas that will fill it up, while the ranges just west of Aubury's house do not register.

Make sure you do not have a partially filled cooking urn in the real world or you have to destroy it or complete before filling up the one in New Varrock. You must have one empty space in your inventory to start using a new urn.

Once the urn is filled, teleport it to Ernie or use the urn on Ernie. Return to Ernie and he will give you a canopic jar. If you choose to teleport it, make sure you select "They should check on him if next to him", otherwise you have to pay 1,000 zemomarks to get a new urn.

Sacred oil

Father Lawrence (zombie) chathead.png

To get the sacred oil, go to the same church from which you got Silverlight and use the prayer that matches the phrase Father Lawrence says. You need to recharge your prayer points at the nearby altar in order to activate the correct prayers. They should be in order: Ultimate Strength, Rapid Restore, Eagle Eye, Protect from Summoning and Mystic Might. If you are on Ancient Curses, you can use the altar to switch to normal prayers.

Each phrase is one prayer option.

Ring of life

Diamond ring detail.png

To make the the ring of life you need a cut diamond, gold bar, one cosmic rune and 10 earth runes. The diamond can be purchased from Urist Loric in New Varrock square or looted from a chest on the 1st2nd floor[UK] of the church. The runes from the Aubury's Rune Shop in East New Varrock; alternately 10 earth runes can be looted from chests on the ground1st floor[UK] of the church, and a cosmic rune can be looted from a chest in the house directly east of the Blue Moon Inn. Gold ore can either be obtained from opening treasure chests in Horviks armour shop and smithing area, just north of the Archery shop or upstairs in Zaff's Superior Spellcasting or purchased at the furnace. Head over to the furnace south of the west bank to make the diamond ring. Then enchant the diamond ring to produce the ring of life. If you are not on the standard spellbook but can cast Spellbook Swap, then leave New Varrock and cast Spellbook Swap to switch to the standard spellbook. You are then able to cast Enchant Level 4 Jewellery when you return to New Varrock.


If you have red mist bottled, go to the ground1st floor[UK] on the east in Zemouregal's castle and loot from the corpse of Ambassador Ferrnook behind the red barrier to obtain a dwellberry.

Add all the things together and the canopic jar is ready to preserve the heart. Show the canopic jar to Arrav.

Obtaining the Heart

Making the orange and purple mist

Thessalia (zombie) chathead.png

If you already have the mists/dyes from previous attempts, you can skip this part at replays.

To go through the orange and purple barriers in the castle, you need to mix red mist with yellow dye to make orange mist and red mist with a blue dye to make a purple mist. Both yellow and blue dyes can be made by talking to Thessalia (clothing shop). The yellow dye requires an onion and a vial of water. An onion can be bought from Xuan (a few squares north-west of the portal) for 12 Zemomarks.

The blue dye can be made from a vial of water and the blue flowers that you grow after talking to Ellamaria who can be found with the skeleton of King Roald in the room south-east of the garden inside the castle. Clear the delphinium patch near Arrav, plant the seeds, and then water them with the watering can he threw away during a previous quest or buy new one at new varrock general store. If you didn't get the can, another one can be bought at the general store for 8 Zemomarks. The delphiniums grow instantly upon being watered.

To obtain the vials of water, you can purchase the vials from the general shop and use the sink in the building a few feet north-west of the church to fill them, or you can get vials for free in the palace kitchen and fill them in the sink in the eastern room (water symbol). (Also bring an empty vial if you don't have extra red mist for the purple mist. You can collect it later on.)

Once all the materials are obtained, talk to Thessalia to make the yellow and blue dyes. Once you have the dyes, go back upstairs in the palace and kill some more armoured zombies to obtain two more vials of red mist. Then use each of your dyes on the mist to get orange and purple mist.

Opening the vault

If you have written down the numerical code from previous attempts, or from Zemouregal's fort, you can skip searching the study for Code key (Dimension of Disaster).

With the orange mist, enter the north-west room on the ground1st floor[UK] north of the library and search the desk for a code.

Go up to the 1st2nd floor[UK] with the armoured zombies again while wearing the zombie outfit. Go north-east and walk through the purple barrier then search the footlocker by the bed for the vault key.

Leave through the purple barrier and enter the eastern room to pick up some Decoder strips, or use ones from the previous quest.

Using the grapple to get past the energy fields.

Continue to the south-east corner of the castle and unlock the large wooden door and enter the vault. There are three paintings in this room which can be defaced.

After defacing the paintings, continue into the vault and wield a mithril grapple and a crossbow to get across the light beams.

Fill in the code using the decoding strips and the code you got from Zemouregal's desk to unlock the door. Enter the vault to obtain the heart of Arrav. Returning over the light beams has no requirements. Return to Arrav to show him the heart.

Arrav needs his shield to fight Zemouregal. Go to the museum and distract Orlando Smith by pressing the big red button next to Loarnab's body, found south-east. If you don't distract Orlando, he stops you from pickpocketing. While the animation is running, pickpocket the curator to obtain a key. Use the key to open the display case containing the shield and return to Arrav. You will also need to give him Darklight. Enter the door in front of Arrav for the boss fight. For both fights, you play as Arrav.

After beating the bosses, the quest is completed and you cannot return to New Varrock until you talk to Gypsy Aris to restart the quest.

Confrontation with Zemouregal


Sharathteerk chathead.png

Versus Sharathteerk

You are now in control of Arrav, and you have to fight the gargoyle Sharathteerk. You wield Darklight and the Shield of Arrav, so one-handed melee and shield abilities are available to use. The fight is fairly easy and basic, even though he hits much harder than Zemouregal. Use the abilities to your best extent, making sure to heal yourself with Resonance or Sacrifice.

When Sharathteerk reaches 0 life points, he stops attacking and begs for mercy. If you spare him, he gives you a healing orb. If you kill him, it is on the ground. Regardless of sparing/killing him, the healing orb restores all of your health.


Zemouregal rejuvenated chathead.png

The final battle

This next section can be graphically demanding, depending on your system, making the fight much more difficult. If you experience poor performance/frame-rate issues, it is highly advised to turn down the graphics settings.

Go east and climb up the stairs. Arrav confronts Zemouregal on the top of the palace. He is shocked to discover that Arrav possesses the Shield of Arrav, and the final battle between the two enemies begins. As before, you control Arrav and are able to use one-handed melee and shield abilities.

To damage Zemouregal, you must first destroy the three protection portals surrounding him. Each one defeated drops a healing orb, which may be used to heal Arrav, but unlike the orb from Sharathteerk, they only heal 1/10th of your maximum life points. Unlike the fight with Sharathteerk, Darklight does more damage against Zemouregal. Occasionally, he summons zombies or New Varrock guards to assist him in the fight; simply ignore them and keep attacking Zemouregal and his protection portals when they appear.

On the second set of portals, Zemouregal adds explosive cows as reinforcements. Although they are fairly weak, they explode when they touch Arrav, Zemouregal, or a portal, dealing 1500 damage, which instantly destroys portals. When Zemouregal has 1/3rd of his life points left, he starts summoning a large amount of protection portals and explosive cows. Lure the cows into the portals to destroy as many of them as you can. Once all of the portals are destroyed, explosive cows continually appear until Zemouregal is killed. When dodging cows, be mindful of the fact that accidentally running onto the stairs to the north will reset the entire battle with no warning whatsoever.

Before finishing him, it is recommended that you lure five cows to him in order to complete the "The Moo-er of All Bombs" task.

Kill him to finish the fight.

Walking down the top of the palace will reset the battle, and you will need to fight Zemouregal all over again.

Freedom of New Varrock

After Zemouregal is dead, Arrav meets you in New Varrock square and informs you of Zemouregal's death. He also explains that he and the other zombies of New Varrock are now finally at peace and are able to die. He then collapses and dies in front of you, and you are returned to Varrock.


Curse of Arrav (Dimension of Disaster) reward.png
Music unlocked



  • If players have completed One Small Favour, they say "Ye gods, no! Not another One Small Favour..." when they ask for the canopic jar.
  • If you destroy the shield and attempt to retrieve it, Orlando comments on how he stopped caring that you stole it.
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