Diminutive bomb detail

A diminutive bomb is an item used in the Dominion Tower. They can be received as a power-up reward after half of the journal pages have been found. They are also available as a power-up in the Special mode match Hey! Eat power-up.

The bombs can be detonated in a Dominion tower battle to damage one enemy for 1/10th of their current life points. There is a chance that they will miss. A few seconds after the initial hit, four explosions will appear around the area where you detonated the bomb, hitting enemies for additional damage if they are nearby. Only four bombs may be used per match in Dominion Tower.

When they hit, diminutive bombs always cause damage, even on enemies which you shouldn't be able to damage (e.g. Dagannoth mother, or Delrith without Silverlight or Darklight).

At level 99, exchanging this item for its XP equivalent will yield 275 XP (137.5 Prayer XP).


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