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Discovery interface (step 1)
Discovery is a mechanic of the Invention skill, where players research blueprints of materials, devices, and machines used in Invention. Discovery is done at an Inventor's workbench, and involves an optimisation puzzle to maximise experience gained by discovering the blueprint.

Discovering blueprints is affected by bonus experience, the Wise perk, and Double XP Weekend. Malcolm cannot be obtained from discovery.


The discovery process is a 2-step puzzle. The puzzle is randomised when started - switching to another blueprint or closing the interface results in a new solution.

Part 1

The five 'materials' need to be selected from the 10 presented. These can be dragged into the slots, or just clicked. Once the 5 slots are filled, click the prototype button to check - some of the materials will be rejected and removed. Repeat until all 5 slots contain the correct material to move on to part 2.

This part can always be completed in 3 prototypes:

  1. Add any 5 materials to the board and click prototype
  2. Remove all materials from the board then add the other 5 (that have not been tested) and prototype again
  3. Re-add the correct ones from step 1 and prototype
Part 2

The second part is about finding the correct order of materials in the row. The materials can be moved around by dragging them or clicking one then clicking another one to swap with.

How optimised this is - poor, satisfactory, good, very good, excellent, or perfect - determines how much experience is granted by researching, from 20% to 100% of the maximum experience (values listed in the table below). Poor configuration results in 20% of the perfect experience, satisfactory 40%, good 60%, very good 70%, and excellent 80%.

Discovery example

Top: All materials are in the right place
Middle: Materials 4&5 are adjacent and ordered, materials 1&2 are adjacent but not ordered
Bottom: Only materials 3&4 are adjacent, but they are not ordered

A (hidden) score is assigned to each configuration, which corresponds to the optimisation level (Poor, Satisfactory, etc.). Points are given for how many of the materials are correctly adjacent, as well as if they are in contact in the correct left-right arrangement. See right for an example of this.

Tips for this part:

  • 'Excellent' to 'Perfect' is one swap, so repeatedly make a swap, then swap back if it is incorrect. Systematically eliminate swaps by moving left to right: swap the first slot with the other 3 (and back), then the second slot with the 3 to its right (no need to swap with slot 1), and so on.
  • Generally prefer swaps that result in the optimisation improving, or at least remaining the same. Switch to a poor optimisation only if your current one doesn't appear to be going anywhere.


Discovery Level Experience[1]
Device: Charge pack 1 200
Research: Apply Augmentor to weapons 2 250
Device: Gizmo 3 400
Research: Augmented item maximum level 5 4 107
Research: Divine charge
Device: Gizmo dissolver 8 161
Device: Equipment dissolver 16 628
Research: Augmented armour
Device: Augmentation dissolver
Research: Camouflage outfit piece 20 1,198.1
Research: Gemstone golem outfit piece
Research: Shark outfit piece
Research: Rune ethereal outfit piece
Research: Divination outfit piece
Device: Junk refiner 22 1,541
Research: Maximum charge improvement 1
Material: Refined components
Research: Augmented hatchet
Research: Augmented pickaxe
Device: Fishing rod-o-matic
Device: Pyro-matic
Device: Hammer-tron
Device: Tool gizmo
Device: Urn enhancer [reqs 1] 24 1,541
Device: Soul-in-a-box[reqs 1]
Device: Equipment siphon 27 2,675
Research: Augmented item maximum level 10
Research: Charge drain reduction 1 34 5,446
Research: Junk chance reduction 1
Material: Knightly components
Research: Maximum charge improvement 2 40 9,184
Material: Corporeal components[reqs 2]
Material: Pestiferous components[reqs 3]
Device: Spring cleaner and tight springs 43 11,221.0
Material: Harnessed components 45 12,726
Research: Augmented leg armour
Material: Culinary components
Research: Junk chance reduction 2 49 16,114
Material: Dragonfire components
Material: Explosive components
Research: Charge drain reduction 2
Device: Sprinkler MK1[reqs 2] 50 18,257
Device: Mining accumulator[reqs 2]
Device: Woodcutting accumulator[reqs 3]
Device: Mechanised chinchompa[reqs 3]
Material: Brassican components 54 22,600
Material: Fortunate components
Material: Undead components
Material: Fungal components
Device: Crystal tool siphon[reqs 4]
Material: Clockwork components 55 23,779
Material: Faceted components
Research: Augmented item maximum level 15 60 32,284.5
Device: Fishing accumulator
Device: B.A.N.K. Stander[reqs 3]
Device: Calorie bomb[reqs 2]
Device: Monkey mind-control helmet[reqs 3]
Device: Book switcher[reqs 2]
Machine: Simple generator
Machine: Auto disassembler
Research: Maximum charge improvement 3 64 38,610
Research: Charge drain reduction 3
Research: Junk chance reduction 3
Device: Discover the Lab coat outfit 69 47,562
Research: Junk chance reduction 4
Research: Charge drain reduction 4
Material: Shifting components
Device: Auto-sanctifier[reqs 2] 70 52,591
Device: Dungeoneering lock melter[reqs 2]
Device: Dungeoneering party simulator[reqs 3]
Device: Electrified box trap[reqs 3]
Device: Kinetic cyclone[reqs 2]
Device: Oldak coil[reqs 3]
Machine: Alchemiser 72 56,862
Material: Zamorak components 74 61,347
Material: Saradomin components
Material: Armadyl components
Material: Bandos components
Device: Small gizmo bag 75 63,672
Device: Mechanised siphon 77 68,489
Research: Charge drain reduction 5 78 70,981
Research: Junk chance reduction 5
Machine: Large generator 80 80,618
Machine: Auto disassembler mk. II 81 83,441
Research: Junk chance reduction 6 83 89,273
Research: Charge drain reduction 6
Material: Ancient components
Material: Seren components
Materials: Zaros components
Device: Discover the Lightbulb hat item 87 101,703
Research: Maximum charge improvement 4
Material: Oceanic components
Material: Silent components
Material: Resilient components
Material: Avernic components[reqs 5] 89 108,310
Material: Cywir components[reqs 6]
Material: Ilujankan components[reqs 7]
Material: Shadow components[reqs 8]
Machine: Partial potion producer 90 117,921
Research: Charge drain reduction 7 91 121,584
Research: Junk chance reduction 7
Device: Pogo stick
Device: Spirit tree re-rooter 92 125,320
Machine: Automatic hide tanner 93 129,127.5
Device: Portable fairy ring 94 133,008.5
Research: Charge drain reduction 8 95 136,962.6
Research: Maximum charge improvement 5
Research: Junk chance reduction 8
Research: Professor title
Device: Medium gizmo bag
Device: Herb protector 96 140,990.5
Research: Enchanted notepaper[reqs 9] 97 145,093
Device: Energy barrel 98 149,272
Research: Augmented item maximum level 20 99 153,526
Material: Noxious components
Material: Rumbling components
Material: Ascended components
Machine: Plank maker
Device: Whetstone 100 166,167
Device: Divine-o-matic vacuum and divine charge (empty) 101 170,806.7
Machine: Jumbo generator 102 175,528
Device: Miraculous treatment 104 185,218.5
Research: Charge drain reduction 9 105 190,188.8 or 190,188.9
Research: Junk chance reduction 9
Device: Alchemical onyx 107 200,382.3
Machine: Alchemiser mk. II 108 205,606.9
Device: Flatpack depacker 109 210,917.4
Device: Teleportation compactor 110 216,314.6
Machine: Optimised hide tanner 111 221,798.8
Device: Potion reservoir 112 227,370
Device: Combat dummy MKII 113 233,031
Machine: Partial potion producer DX 114 238,780
Device: Equipment separator 115 244,619
Machine: High capacity plank maker 117 256,568
Device: Large gizmo bag 118 262,680
  1. ^ The experience shown in this table is the amount a 'Perfect' optimization awards.

Discovering all blueprints would result in a total experience gain of 9,638,979.7 if no bonus experience was used (12.1% of level 120).

Additional requirements
  1. ^ a b Requires completion of Nomad's Elegy.
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h Requires unlocking the dwarven tech tree. Unlocked by exchanging dwarven currency.
  3. ^ a b c d e f g h Requires unlocking the cave goblin tech tree. Unlocked by exchanging goblin currency.
  4. ^ The ability to make this item has to be unlocked with chimes and taijitu from Boni (rewards).
  5. ^ Also requires 2,500 Zamorakian reputation in the Heart of Gielinor.
  6. ^ Also requires 2,500 Serenist reputation in the Heart of Gielinor.
  7. ^ Also requires 2,500 Zarosian reputation in the Heart of Gielinor.
  8. ^ Also requires 2,500 Sliskean reputation in the Heart of Gielinor.
  9. ^ The ability to make this item has to be unlocked with dungeoneering tokens from Bryll Thoksdottir.


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